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Men's College Latest: Who Has Canceled Fall Rugby

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Men's College Latest: Who Has Canceled Fall Rugby

GVSU vs Ferris State from last fall. This probably won't happen in 2020.

As expected the dominoes are quickly falling in men's college rugby this fall, with conferences that play their 15s season in the fall announcing (or at least making it very clear) that they will not be playing as normal because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We already know that the SCRC has moved 15s to the spring. SCRC Delays 15s To Spring. The Ivy League has suspended all fall sports. The Chesapeake has also announced no 15s season this fall: Chesapeake Conference Won't Play This Fall.

Liberty hasn't made any official announcement, and neither has the Rugby East, but several of their teams have—Iona and AIC in Liberty (with Northeastern suspending all fall sports), and St. Bonaventure, Kutztown, and Notre Dame College in the Rugby East. It seems clear that those conferences won't go on as planned, and while West Point and the US Naval Academy appear to be holding out hope for a small series, the hammer may well still fall.

Also in D1A or D1AA, the Mid America Conference is likely to announce that it won't compete in 15s this fall. Several of the schools—Louisville, Dayton, Miami, and Cincinnati—already have their sports essentially canceled.

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In DII, the process is a little slower, and is being driven by individual schools. Still, the Allegheny and the Tri-State are done.

Allegheny Union Suspends Fall College Play

Tri-State Conference Won't Hold Games In Fall

The Southern Conference is seeing more and more teams told they shouldn't play, and as a result, conference commissioner Tommy Duffy will be holding a conference-wide meeting.

New England Wide has announced that it has suspended play for the fall, and the Great Midwest is expected to announce that it's a no-go as well. The SCRC has a DII level and that, as with the D1AA level, is canceled.

The Great Lakes has seen Bethel, Saginaw Valley State, Grand Valley State, and Calvin all decide (either via their rugby program or the school) that there will be no rugby this fall. If there is rugby in the Great Lakes Conference, it won't count as an official conference season. Likely, there won't be anything.

 Also expected to announce that there won't be a fall season: Northern Lights, MCRC, and MARC (D1 and DII). Still up in the air are Cardinals, Deep South, and Gateway. The Gateway has lost a few teams, but not all and might cobble together something. Some other conferences, mostly in D1AA, such as Lonestar, Florida, Heart of America, and NCRC, play in fall, winter, and spring, and so can afford to just wait.

And the small college conferences? Don't expect to see them play much either.