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Men Fall DI College Rankings Week #1

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Men Fall DI College Rankings Week #1

Mimi Goodman photo.

Well here we are, back again ranking rugby teams.

This week we give you our all-DI rankings for teams playing in the fall. Any program that plays a significant fall 15s schedule is included, but programs that play only one or two games (or none) during the fall are not included. This is a 15s ranking, not a 7s ranking.

We include all teams that play in DI-level rugby competitions.

So here is our first ranking, based on what we know about the teams, some early results, and a lot of guesswork. As always, the results will make the rankings move, and expect a lot of movement in the early going.


Goff Rugby Report All-DI Men's Fall 2016 Rankings - Week #1
1 Penn State  
2 Army  
3 Indiana  
4 Navy  
5 Utah  
6 Kutztown  
7 Notre Dame College  
8 Arkansas State  
9 Dartmouth  
10 AIC  
11 Bowling Green  
12 Air Force  
13 Iona  
14 Davenport  
15 Lindenwood-Belleville  
16 Ohio State  
17 Clemson  
18 Tennessee  
19 South Carolina  
20 Oklahoma  
21 Arkansas  
22 Texas A&M  
23 University of Notre Dame  
24 Colorado State  
25 Colorado  
26 Delaware  
27 Northeastern  
28 Boston College  
29 St. Joseph's  
30 Alabama