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Men DIA Rankings Week 8

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Men DIA Rankings Week 8

Colleen McCloskey photo.

Well, it happened, and it happened in a big way. Idle as they are, the top four teams in our rankings are vulnerable to being pushed down by teams that play in the fall.

But the teams in the fall can't just do it on one or two victories; they have to build up a portfolio of results against strong opposition.

As it is, Navy finally did that, beating St. Bonaventure (in a shutout), Iona, Kutztown, Davenport, Air Force, Clemson, and Penn State. While Lindenwood could regain a top-four spot this coming weekend as the Lions play Navy on Saturday. But, it seems right to reward the team on the field, and Navy hasn't put a foot wrong.

And actually, we move Kutztown up past Lindenwood too. Why? Because Kutztown's loss to Navy was only by four points (and somewhat contested, too, to be honest). And Kutztown, other than that, has blown through a very tough Rugby East team.

Notre Dame gets a big boost. The win over St. Bonaventure was one we were suspicious of, but beating Syracuse and Michigan over the same weekend solidifies Notre Dame as a Top-20 team. Syracuse lost to the Fighting Irish, but in a close game, and then won on Saturday, and the Hammerheads move up.

Meanwhile, we struggled with sevens. We don't base our rankings on sevens, but sometimes good or poor sevens performance is a bit of an indicator of what we might expect later on. So, with that, we've made a few moves with the Californian teams, using the performance of Cal Poly and Santa Clara, especially, in the West Coast 7s to bump those teams up. 

Yes, we know, Santa Clara isn't in the Top 40, but they're close, as is Utah, Fairfield, Mary Washington, and Buffalo.    


Goff Rugby Report D1A Rankings: Week 8
Rank Prev Team Notes
1 1 Life  
2 2 Cal  
3 3 St Mary's  
4 5 Navy Beat Penn State (9)
5 6 Kutztown Beat St. Bonaventure (18)
6 4 Lindenwood Beat St. Louis Bombers
7 7 Arkansas State  
8 10 BYU Beat Wyoming
9 9 Penn State Lost to Navy (5)
10 8 Davenport Tied Notre Dame College (11)
10 11 Notre Dame College Tied Davenport (8)
12 12 Army Beat Mary Washington (42)
13 13 Iona Beat AIC (35)
14 14 Indiana Beat Purdue (46)
15 15 Ohio State Beat Wisconsin (34)
16 17 Arizona  
17 16 Colorado State Beat Utah Valley (39)
18 29 Notre Dame Beat Syracuse (36), Michigan (32)
19 19 UCLA  
20 20 Central Washington  
Goff Rugby Report D1A Rankings: Week 8
21 21 Illinois Beat Minnesota (37)
22 22 Colorado  
23 23 Grand Canyon  
24 18 St. Bonaventure Lost to Kutztown (6)
25 36 Syracuse Lost to Notre Dame (29), beat Albany
26 25 Clemson  
27 26 Texas A&M  
28 27 Oklahoma  
29 30 Boston College Beat UMass
30 33 Northeastern Beat Fordham (38)
31 24 UC Davis  
32 28 San Diego State  
33 31 Michigan State  
34 32 Michigan Lost to Notre Dame (29)
35 35 American International College Lost to Iona (13)
36 39 Utah Valley Lost to Colorado State (16)
37 38 Fordham Lost to Northeastern (33)
38 40 Air Force Beat Utah State (44)
39 34 Wisconsin Lost to Ohio State (15)
40 45 Cal Poly  
Goff Rugby Report D1A Rankings: Week 8