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Men D1AA College Rankings Week 9

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Men D1AA College Rankings Week 9

Rice shoots up 13 spots.

In the 20-40 section of this week's DIAA rankings we don't have a lot of movement, but there are key developments near the top.

Around the late 30s we do need to explain that James Madison was ranked a bit too high. We did one of those things where we move a team down based on a result (in this case Delaware) and didn't maintain the connection that team had with another. Delaware had beaten James Madison, so if Delaware moves down, so does JMU. We corrected that this week.

We had two teams tied at #40 last week. They both drop out because Washington beat Washington State and moves in. 

Further up the rankings, Rice was ranked at #20 and we were of course waiting for a big result for them to move up further. They beat Sam Houston State, so that's the big result.

Rice Announces Comeback with Win Over SHSU

In addition, Western Michigan beat Louisville, so WMU moves up. What that means is that several teams that won games saw their ranking drop. What we often have to explain is that a team wasn't moved down, per se, but more that someone else was moved up. So Boston College won and was ranked #11. We actually moved them up a spot, but two teams, WMU and Rice, that were below BC are now above them. so net BC moves from #11 to #12. As it is, four teams—Tennessee, UMass, BC, and Florida—all won games but dropped one or two spots because Rice and Western Michigan passed them.


Rank Prev Team Conference Notes
1 1 Kentucky SCRC  
2 2 Virginia Tech MARC Beat Temple
3 3 Kansas Heart of America Beat KC Blues
4 4 Bowling Green MAC Beat Ohio
5 5 U. San Diego Gold Coast  
6 8 Iowa State Heart of America  
7 20 Rice Lonestar Beat Sam Houston State (6)
8 6 Sam Houston State Lonestar Lost to Rice (20)
9 13 Western Michigan MAC Beat Louisville (7)
10 9 Tennessee SCRC Beat Kennesaw State
11 10 UMass Liberty Beat Columbia
12 11 Boston College Liberty Beat Binghamton (27)
13 7 Louisville MAC Lost to Western Michigan (13)
14 12 Florida Florida CC Beat North Florida
15 16 Clemson SCRC Beat Alabama (22)
16 14 Fresno State California DIAA  
17 15 Florida State Florida CC  
18 17 NC State Southern Lost to Belmont Abbey
19 18 Boise State NCRC  
20 19 Chico State California DIAA  
21 21 South Carolina SCRC  
22 22 Alabama SCRC Lost to Clemson (16)
23 23 Kansas State Heart of America  
24 24 Western Washington NCRC Beat Chuckanut Men's Club
25 25 West Chester MARC Beat Rutgers
26 26 St. Joseph's MARC Beat Rowan (40)
27 27 Binghamton Liberty Lost to Boston College (11)
28 28 Iowa Heart of America  
29 29 South Florida Florida CC  
30 30 Missouri Heart of America  
31 31 Yale Liberty  
32 32 UTSA Lonestar  
33 33 Cincinnati MAC  
34 35 Maryland  MARC Beat Delaware (39)
35 39 Delaware MARC Lost to Maryland (35)
36 37 UNC Chapel Hill Southern Beat Lander
37 34 James Madison MARC Beat Salisbury
38 Unr Washington NCRC Beat Washington State (38)
39 38 Washington State NCRC Lost to Washington
40 36 Florida International Florida CC