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Men D1AA College Rankings Week 24

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Men D1AA College Rankings Week 24

St. Thomas moves up 10 spots.

We took a couple of weeks off from the D1AA rankings because there were so few 15s games going on.

Of course, there were some games going on in Florida, and as a result we had significant changes. Florida State ran into trouble late in the season and drop significantly. It's a shame in that FSU started well and unfortunately budget and scheduling issues too detailed to go into right now caused their forfeit one can really only conclude that injuries crept into the roster.

But that brings us also to the issue of forfeits. We're not fans of forfeits, but there are different types of forfeits. Do you forfeit a game because you've basically run out of players? Yes, that's not good but it does happen. That is what we think happened with FSU in their playoff game with St. Thomas. Meanwhile Boise State forfeited their league game against Western Washington almost entirely because of cost problems. (Notable that the NCRC 7s tournament last week, won by Western Washington, was played in Boise ... travel is tough for Boise State.) So do we ping Boise State for forfeiting? Yes, of course we do. You should play the games. But ... we're also cognizant of the cost issues for college rugby club programs.

So Boise State stays in the Top 40, but we do move them down to #40 because, ultimately, this ranking is about who would win a game between two teams right now. If we're not sure you can field a team, then, well, we have to move you down.

Same deal with Florida State. We just think FSU has more of a body of work and they hang around at #36. 

Big movers going up. Oh, well, we did warn you—St. Thomas. As we said, we were pretty sure St. Thomas was very good, but we needed that one big result to prove it. A convincing win over Florida is what we were waiting for, and it happened. St. Thomas goes up 10 spots to #11. Do they have a path to #1? Somewhat. The Florida teams will be playing bowl games in Houston, not playoffs, so they would need to be very emphatic. But it could happen. The spring D1AA spring playoffs could also potentially unseat Kentucky. We're still watching that.

The CRAA West Regional semis (San Diego, ARC, SJSU, WWU) and final will be this weekend. That's a big deal. The Florida final (Florida vs St. Thomas) will be this weekend. That's a big deal. Then we wrap it all up May 4. Those playoffs and bowl games might well shuffle around everything. Again.



Rank Prev Team Conference Notes
1 1 Kentucky SCRC  
2 2 Louisville MAC  
3 3 Iowa State Heart of America Beat SHSU (6)
4 4 U. San Diego Gold Coast  
5 5 Virginia Tech MARC  
6 6 Sam Houston State Lonestar Lost to Iowa State (3)
7 7 Kansas Heart of America Beat Kansas State (27)
8 8 Tennessee SCRC  
9 9 Western Washington NCRC Forfeit win
10 10 San Jose State California DIAA  
11 21 St. Thomas Florida CC Beat Florida (11), Eckerd. Forfeit Win
12 11 Florida Florida CC Lost to St. Thomas (21). Beat UCF (33), USF (33)
13 12 Rice Lonestar  
14 13 American River California DIAA  
15 14 Bowling Green MAC  
16 15 Western Michigan MAC  
17 16 Boston College Liberty  
18 18 UMass Liberty  
19 19 Iowa Heart of America  
20 20 Clemson SCRC  
21 22 Chico State California DIAA  
22 23 Fresno State California DIAA  
23 24 NC State Southern  
24 33 Central Florida Florida CC Beat FAU, UNF. Close loss to Florida (11)
25 25 South Carolina SCRC  
26 26 Alabama SCRC  
27 33 South Florida Florida CC Beat UNF, FSU (17). Lost to Florida (11)
28 27 Kansas State Heart of America Lost to Kansas (7)
29 28 West Chester MARC  
30 29 St. Joseph's MARC  
31 31 Binghamton Liberty  
32 32 St. Edward's Lonestar  
33 35 Claremont Colleges California DIAA  
34 36 Arizona State California DIAA  
35 37 UTSA Lonestar  
36 17 Florida State Florida CC Beat Eckerd. Lost to South Florida (33). Forfeit loss.
37 38 Missouri Heart of America  
38 39 UNC Chapel Hill Southern  
39 40 Stanford California DIAA  
40 30 Boise State NCRC Forfeit loss