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Men D1A Rankings Week 3

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Men D1A Rankings Week 3

Army vs Notre Dame College from last week. Adam Smith photo.

As we stated in our D1 rankings, we shifted Liberty teams to this ranking, which is a combination of CRAA's D1A and NCR's D1, which is made up of teams that used to play under the D1A banner.

The change is slight, with the ranking expanded to 50 we don't see too many teams drastically changed because of the Liberty programs getting ranked. Iona is the highest, albeit an insecure #20. But let's face it, most of these rankings are insecure. Nazareth comes in after a nice win and Northeastern is possibly the next most dangerous Liberty team behind Iona.

We drop Wisconsin down significantly after a big loss and yet we didn't do the same for Air Force nor for Notre Dame College. That's because we think Army and Navy are stronger than Indiana. Still, there's an argument for having the Badgers ranked a bit higher, and the best way to make that argument is to perform well in rugby games.

Navy does get a bump after shutting out Air Force. We decided not to penalize Penn State for almost losing to Mary Washington, but we'll keep an eye out.

Rank Prev Team Conference Notes
1 1 Cal PAC  
2 2 Saint Mary's California  
3 3 Life Mid-South  
4 4 Lindenwood Mid-South Won series of 15s and 7s warmups
5 5 Army Rugby East Beat Notre Dame College (26)
6 6 Central Washington Independent  
7 10 Navy Rugby East Beat Air Force (25)
8 7 Arkansas State Mid-South  
9 8 BYU Rocky Mountain  
10 9 Kutztown Rugby East Beat Schuylkill River
11 11 Arizona PAC  
12 12 Penn State Rugby East Beat Mary Washington
13 15 Indiana Big Ten Beat Wisconsin (30)
14 13 UCLA PAC  
15 14 Davenport Mid-South Beat Legacy Center Academy
16 16 Ohio State Big Ten  
17 21 St. Bonaventure Rugby East Beat Syracuse
18 17 Cal Poly California  
19 18 Grand Canyon California  
20 Unr Iona Liberty Beat Fordham
21 19 Texas A&M Red River  
22 20 Illinois Big Ten Beat Purdue (28)
23 22 Colorado Rocky Mountain  
24 23 Colorado State Rocky Mountain  
25 28 Purdue Big Ten Close loss to Illinois (20)
26 24 Oklahoma Red River  
27 26 Notre Dame College Rugby East Lost to Army (5)
28 27 Utah Rocky Mountain  
29 Unr Northeastern Liberty Beat UMass
30 29 UC Santa Barbara California  
31 Unr Boston College Liberty  
32 25 Air Force Rocky Mountain Lost to Navy (10)
33 31 Utah Valley Rocky Mountain  
34 32 Michigan State Big Ten  
35 33 San Diego State California  
36 34 Santa Clara California  
37 Unr Fairfield Liberty  
38 Unr AIC Liberty  
39 35 UC Davis California  
40 36 Baylor Red River  
41 38 Michigan Big Ten Lost to U. Notre Dame
42 Unr Buffalo Liberty Beat Cortland
43 Unr Nazareth Liberty Beat Brockport
44 Unr Fordham Liberty Lost to Iona
45 39 North Texas Red River  
46 30 Wisconsin Big Ten Lost to Indiana (15)
47 37 Texas Red River  
48 40 Utah State Rocky Mountain  
49 Unr Wyoming Rocky Mountain  
50 Unr Texas Tech Red River