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Men D1A-Level Rankings Week 6

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Men D1A-Level Rankings Week 6

Indiana moves up with a shutout of Notre Dame College. Andy Marsh photo.

Indiana and Penn State won well against ranked opponents, and so did UCLA and all of those teams move up a little bit.

We are very cognizant of the fact that our top four haven't really played, or haven't played at all, and yes haven't been knocked off from their high rankings. It's a tough ceiling to break through, even as we drop down other programs for being idle. It's unfair, seemingly, but the thing is that those four have proved over the past several years. Of the past seven championship seasons (not counting 2020 for now), Cal, Saint Mary's, Life, and Lindenwood have accounted for 36 of the 44 top-four spots. And that is despite the fact Cal was in the Varsity Cup through 2017, so five of those eight times that top weren't represented was because Cal was absent from the entire playoffs.

That's why this group is difficult to unseat. It's possible, though, especially if we see someone beat one of those four. So maybe all eyes are on November 12 when Lindenwood plays at Army. Saint Mary's will have some early warmup games and if they stumble then—November 22 they are host Life—we could see them drop.

Don't forget that Army plays Navy October 23 at FedEx Field in the Washington, DC area as the curtainraiser for the USA vs All Blacks test match at the same stadium. The Commander-in-Chief Trophy and the 1874 Cup are up for grabs then on the same day. Go here for tickets>> 

Why? Because there are teams coming up. Army, Indiana, BYU, and possibly some others have already put their hands up.

Further down, UCLA of course gets a boost after a very nice win over Colorado. Yes, true, both teams had their obstacles and issues. For UCLA this was their first game in a long time. For Colorado this was at the end of a long couple of bus rides and the second game in the weekend. Maybe they cancel each other out, maybe they don't. Our view is that both teams acquitted themselves fairly well. Colorado beat Grand Canyon so that justifies their ranking. UCLA winning is more a positive for UCLA than it is a detriment for Colorado.

Navy Newbies Down SVU

Army to 3-0 in Rugby East With Win Over Penn State

Indiana Shuts Out a Tough NDC

UCLA Opens Season Victorious Despite Shakeup

Liberty Latest: Five Unbeaten Teams Win

And finally, every year we talk about results that have to be thrown out because something changes. Often it's that injuries hit a team so hard that an early victory just isn't germane anymore. This fall, it's the other way around. Syracuse's first loss of the fall, a 79-point defeat at the hands of St. Bonaventure and another big loss to Fordham, should not be considered representative of where they are now. The Orangemen's defeat of Binghamton was their third-straight 50-point game, and this time they beat a ranked team. So, yes, we move them up 11 spots.

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Rank Prev Team Conference Notes
1 1 Cal PAC  
2 2 Saint Mary's California  
3 3 Life Mid-South  
4 4 Lindenwood Mid-South Beat Central Missouri
5 5 Army Rugby East Beat Penn State (11), Wheeling
6 6 Central Washington Independent  
7 7 Navy Rugby East Beat Southern Virginia
8 10 Indiana Big Ten Beat Notre Dame College (26)
9 11 Penn State Rugby East Lost to Army (5)
10 8 BYU Rocky Mountain  
11 9 Arkansas State Mid-South  
12 17 UCLA PAC Beat Colorado (20)
13 12 Kutztown Rugby East  
14 13 Arizona PAC  
15 14 Davenport Mid-South  
16 15 Ohio State Big Ten Beat Michigan State (34)
17 16 St. Bonaventure Rugby East  
18 20 Colorado Rocky Mountain Beat GCU (19), lost to UCLA (17)
19 18 Cal Poly California  
20 19 Grand Canyon California Lost to Colorado (20)
21 21 Iona Liberty Beat Stony Brook
22 22 Texas A&M Red River Lost to Sam Houston State
23 23 Colorado State Rocky Mountain Beat Wyoming (43)
24 24 Illinois Big Ten  
25 25 Northeastern Liberty Beat Fairfield (38)
26 26 Notre Dame College Rugby East Lost to Indiana (10)
27 27 Air Force Rocky Mountain  
28 28 Utah Rocky Mountain  
29 29 Oklahoma Red River  
30 31 Utah Valley Rocky Mountain Beat Utah State
31 30 Purdue Big Ten  
32 32 Boston College Liberty Beat Rhode Island
33 44 Syracuse Liberty Beat SUNY Binghamton (41)
34 33 UC Santa Barbara California 7s
35 34 Michigan State Big Ten Lost to Ohio State (15)
36 35 San Diego State California  
37 37 Nazareth Liberty Beat SUNY Cortland
38 36 Santa Clara California  
39 38 Fairfield Liberty Lost to Northeastern (25)
40 48 Buffalo Liberty Beat SUNY Oswego (39)
41 40 AIC Liberty  
42 41 Binghamton Liberty Lost to Syracuse (44)
43 42 Fordham Liberty Beat SUNY Albany
44 47 Michigan Big Ten Beat Wisconsin (49)
45 43 Wyoming Rocky Mountain Lost to Colorado State (23)
46 45 UC Davis California  
47 46 Baylor Red River  
48 39 SUNY Oswego Liberty Lost to SUNY Buffalo (48)
49 49 Wisconsin Big Ten Lost to Michigan (47)
50 50 North Texas Red River Alumni game