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Men D1A-Level Rankings Week 4

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Men D1A-Level Rankings Week 4

Indiana and Ohio State played a good one. Andy Marsh photo.

We have changed this ranking's name to D1A-Level (see explanation in this Twitter thread), but it's basically the teams that were in D1A in 2019.

We've got some changes. A nice result for Air Force and for Utah Valley; both move up. Ohio State lost but a much, much closer result to a good Indiana team, so they inch up. 

Same Story for St. Bonaventure. Binghamton comes into the Top 50 after beating Buffalo. Syracuse, which got smacked around early, is in because we're pretty sure they are mostly a different team now. COVID hurt their practice time and prevented some players from suiting up, and they made a bunch of personnel changes last week. So we are giving them a bit of a mulligan on their losses to Fordham and St. Bonaventure (with regard to the degree of the losses, not the losses themselves).

This week BYU is in action, Penn State plays Kutztown, Army takes on Bonnies, and Illinois is at Indiana. Nazareth takes on Binghamton—Nazareth almost lost to Oswego and we might have seen Oswego come in. While Nazareth did drop, we're waiting on Oswego, who host Brockport.  

These are our own subjective rankings. Want a more data-driven ranking? Check out the new Power Ratings powered by Silverbacks Elite Rugby.

Rank Prev Team Conference Notes
1 1 Cal PAC  
2 2 Saint Mary's California  
3 3 Life Mid-South  
4 4 Lindenwood Mid-South Beat SLU
5 5 Army Rugby East  
6 6 Central Washington Independent  
7 7 Navy Rugby East Beat St. Bonaventure (17)
8 8 Arkansas State Mid-South  
9 9 BYU Rocky Mountain  
10 10 Kutztown Rugby East Beat Doylestown Men
11 13 Indiana Big Ten Beat Ohio State (16)
12 11 Arizona PAC  
13 15 Davenport Mid-South Beat Notre Dame College (27)
14 12 Penn State Rugby East Beat Delaware
15 16 Ohio State Big Ten Close loss to Indiana (13)
16 17 St. Bonaventure Rugby East Close loss to Navy (7)
17 14 UCLA PAC  
18 18 Cal Poly California  
19 19 Grand Canyon California  
20 20 Iona Liberty Beat Colgate
21 21 Texas A&M Red River  
22 22 Illinois Big Ten Beat Wisconsin (46)
23 23 Colorado Rocky Mountain  
24 24 Colorado State Rocky Mountain  
25 29 Northeastern Liberty Beat Rhode Island
26 32 Air Force Rocky Mountain Beat Wyoming (49)
27 33 Utah Valley Rocky Mountain Beat Utah State (48)
28 27 Notre Dame College Rugby East Lost to Davenport (15)
29 28 Utah Rocky Mountain  
30 26 Oklahoma Red River  
31 25 Purdue Big Ten Lost to U. Notre Dame
32 30 UC Santa Barbara California  
33 31 Boston College Liberty  
34 34 Michigan State Big Ten  
35 35 San Diego State California  
36 36 Santa Clara California  
37 37 Fairfield Liberty Beat Tufts
38 38 AIC Liberty  
39 39 UC Davis California  
40 40 Baylor Red River  
41 41 Michigan Big Ten  
42 Unr Binghamton Liberty Beat Buffalo (42)
43 44 Fordham Liberty Lost to Brown
44 49 Wyoming Rocky Mountain Lost to Air Force (32)
45 42 Buffalo Liberty Lost to Binghamton
46 46 Wisconsin Big Ten Lost to Illinois (22)
47 Unr Syracuse Liberty Beat Brockport
48 43 Nazareth Liberty Beat Oswego 
49 45 North Texas Red River  
50 47 Texas Red River