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Men All-D1 College Rankings Week 2

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Men All-D1 College Rankings Week 2

Iowa Central stays #1 for now. Paul DeCoursey Photo.

This is our second week of what we're calling the All-D1 rankings, which basically takes out the CRAA teams (that's the easiest way to explain it).

We have several changes, which is something we warned you about. Our early rankings are based on the best information available and when the actual games happen, we have better data.

Some highlights include Notre Dame jumping 19 places to #8 after beating Western Michigan, and Kentucky jumping eight places after beating Louisville. Now, here's the problem with that. Notre Dame's jump is based largely on our assumption that Western Michigan (who we had at #5 and dropped to #13) is a very strong team. This is probably true, but let's assume, for a moment, that WMU will end up having a down year and Louisville, who were competitive in a loss to Kentucky, are actually a top-four team ... then the basis for the current ranking is wrong, and we will have to reevaluate.

Notre Dame's high ranking, for now, is based on one game. If that game turns out to not be as indicative as we thought, they could well drop down even if they keep winning.

A few more changes. We had our preseason rankings and then waited a week before unleashing Week 2, so we have to take into account Fairfield's close loss to Iona. Wheeling needed to show us something to get into the Top 50, and while a 76-point win over small-college Franciscan wasn't what we'd call dispositive, it's enough for now.

Speaking of enough for now—Iowa Centra CC's win wasn't what you'd call "convincing" but we're keeping them at #1 for now. But we're watching it closely.

We moved Florida Atlantic up to #23 despite the fact they didn't play a game. Why? Well, the explanation is very technical but can be summed up this way: we screwed up. Basically we left FAU in our "what do we do about these guys" list and didn't really take them out of it. We also didn't take into account the spring Florida U23 competition, which is a bit of a rankings minefield, but which a team of all FAU players won. We should have had them ranked higher, so we do now.


Rank Prev Team Conference Notes
1 1 Iowa Central CC Independent Beat Marian
2 4 Bowling Green MAC Beat Michigan
3 8 Tennessee SCRC Beat Ohio State
4 2 Dartmouth Ivy League  
5 3 Queens University Chesapeake Lost to Army
6 6 Mary Washington Chesapeake  
7 7 Southern Virginia Chesapeake  
8 27 U. Notre Dame Independent Beat Western Michigan (5)
9 17 Kentucky SCRC Beat Louisville (16)
10 10 Mount St. Mary's Chesapeake Lost to St. Bonaventure
11 9 St. Joseph's MARC  
12 11 Iona Liberty  
13 5 Western Michigan MAC Lost to U. Notre Dame
14 12 Virginia Tech Chesapeake  
15 13 Arkansas Heart of America  
16 14 Cincinnati MAC  
17 15 AIC Liberty  
18 16 Louisville MAC Lost to Kentucky (17)
19 18 CSULB Gold Coast  
20 19 Northeastern Liberty  
21 20 Kennesaw State SCRC  
22 21 Alabama SCRC  
23 42 Florida Atlantic Florida  
24 22 Iowa State Heart of America  
25 23 Arizona State Gold Coast  
26 24 South Florida Florida  
27 25 Kansas Heart of America  
28 26 Clemson SCRC  
29 28 Boston College Liberty  
30 50 Fairfield Liberty Close loss to Ion (11)
31 30 Central Florida Florida  
32 31 Western Washington NCRC  
33 32 Oregon State NCRC  
34 33 Fresno State Pac West  
35 34 UCSC Pac West  
36 47 Fordham Liberty Beat Syracuse (39)
37 35 Iowa Heart of America  
38 36 Buffalo Liberty  
39 37 Chico State Pac West  
40 38 Salisbury MARC  
41 46 IUPUI MAC Lost to Purdue
42 Unr Wheeling Independent Beat Franciscan
43 29 NC State Chesapeake Lost to UNC Wilmington
44 40 Sam Houston State Lonestar  
45 41 Oregon NCRC  
46 43 West Chester MARC  
47 44 Delaware MARC  
48 45 UT San Antonio Lonestar  
49 48 Brown Ivy League  
50 49 Rowan MARC