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LVI Boys Open 7s Latest

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LVI Boys Open 7s Latest

It's Day Two of the Boys Open 7s at the Las Vegas Invitational

So far, Atlantis looked very strong on Day One, going 3-0 in pool play, but we shocked 26-17 in thw quarterfinals by Belmont Shore (remember we mentioned earlier last week how the talented Centennial HS team had a couple of players augment the Belmont team?). Belmont Shore actually have three teams in this competition, and it's the Belmont Blue team which is through to the semis after a very tough 3-0 run on Thursday.

Also into the semis is the Utah Cannibals outfit, having beaten View Park Prep in the quarters. On Thursday, the Cannibals beat Tri Star Rd, Rigby Blue, and AKYRC to go 3-0. As expected, Tanihawha from New Zealand is to the semis, having showed exactly what you'd expect - terrific ability to read the field, exploit space, and work as unit. British Columbia Elite Youth also made it though after edging Utah's Herriman Gold 14-12.

(Photos to come)

Here are the latest scores and matchups: 



LVI Boys Open 7s Scores
  Atlantis 43 Belmont White 0
  Eagle Mountain 34 Seahawks Rugby 0
  Utah Academy 12 Belmont Blue 17
  LV Blackhawks 28 Saint 7s 0
  USA South 26 View Park Prep 10
  Minn Tundra 45 Foothills Lions 7
  BCEY 28 Gold 0
  Herriman Red 10 AZ Bobcats 20
  Atlantis 19 Eagle Mountain 15
  Belmont White 10 Seahwaks Rugby 20
  Utah Academy 12 LV Blackhawks 19
  Belmont Blue 28 Saint 7s 10
  USA South 24 Foothills Lions 12
  View Park Prep 33 Minn Tundra 17
  BCEY 26 Red 19
  Belmont Gold 5 AZ Bobcats 26
  Atlantis 56 Seahawks Rugby 0
  Belmont White 0 Eagle Mountain 38
  Utah Academy 50 Saint 7s 0
  Belmont Blue 17 LV Blackhawks 15
  USA South 24 Foothills Lions 12
  View Park Prep 33 V Minn Tundra 17
  BCEY 26 Bobcats 19
  Belmont Gold 5 Herriman Red 26
  Utah Cannibals 54 Tri Star Red 0
  Rigby Blue' 45 AKYRC 0
  Herriman Gold 34 Tri Star Blue 0
  Carroll Sevens 42 LVRA 5
  Rigby Red 0 NZ Tanihawa 36
  White Rock 38 Mira Costa 5
  Utah Cannibals 19 Rigby Blue 5
  Tri Star Red 10 V AKYRC 15
  Herriman Gold 26 Carroll Sevens 5
  Tri Star Blue 27 LVRA 12
  Rigby Red 10 White Rock 14
  NZ Tanihawha 19 Mira Costa 12
  Utah Cannibals 31 AKYRC 0
  Tri Star Red 5 Rigby Blue 24
  Herriman Gold 34 LVRA 0
  Tri Star Blue 12 Carroll Sevens 24
  Rigby Red 7 Mira Costa 41
  NZ Tanihawha 79 White Rock 0
QF Plate Rigby Blue 12 USA South 17
QF Plate Carroll Sevens 0 LV Blackhawks 14
QF Plate Minn Tundra 32 White Rock 0
QF Plate AZ Bobcats 34 Utah Academy 0
SF Shield LVRA 34 Saints 7s 7
SF Shield Belmont White 5 Belmont Gold 20
Plate Cons Carroll Sevens   Rigby Blue  
Plate Cons White Rock   Utah Academy  
SF Plate USA South   LV Blackhawks  
SF Plate Minn Tundra   AZ Bobcats  
Shield 3/4 #35 Shield 3/4      
Shield Final #36 Shield Final winner 29   Winner 30  
Plate Final #37 Plate Final winner 33   Winner 34  
QF Bowl Mira Costa 34 Tri Star Red 5
QF Bowl AKYRC 24 Seahawks 7
QF Bowl Tri Star Blue 43 Foothill Lions 7
QF Bowl Herriman Red 21 Rigby Red 0
Cup QF NZ Tanihawha 51 Eagle Mountain 0
Cup QF Herriman Gold 12 BCEY 14
Cup QF Utah Cannibals 26 View Park Prep 12
Cup QF Atlantis 17 Belmont Blue 26
Bowl Cons Tri Star Red   Seahawks  
Bowl Cons Foothill Lions   Rigby Red  
SF Bowl Mira Costa   AKYRC  
SF Bowl Tri Star Blue   Herriman Red  
Cup Cons Eagle Mountain   Herriman Gold  
Cup Cons Atlantis   View Park Prep  
SF Cup NZ Tanihawha   BCEY  
SF Cup Utah Cannibals   Belmont Blue  
Bowl 3/4 Match #54 Bowl 3/4 Match Loser #48   Loser #49  
Bowl Final #55 Bowl Final Winner #48   Winner #49  
Cup 3/4 Match #56 Cup 3/4 Match Loser #52   Loser #53  
Cup Final #57 Cup Final Winner #52   Winner #53