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LA Sevens Making Changes to Make it Easier for Fans

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LA Sevens Making Changes to Make it Easier for Fans

Two different groups of fans dressed as animals met a fan dressed as Noah, and they decided to work as one unit. From the 2020 LA 7s. Alex Goff photo.

The LA Sevens Tournament is making on adjustments to how fans can enjoy the event.

One of the requests from fans at the 2020 LA 7s was for in-out privileges and the tournament is going to be able to accommodate that with some limitations.

Tournaments sometimes restrict in-out privileges (being able to present your ticket for admittance, watch some action, leave, and then be allowed back in with the same ticket) because some fans might take advantage of that ability to hand off the ticket to someone else.

But LA Sevens Tournament Director Dan Lyle said he also understands some of the arguments for allowing some flexibility.

LA Sevens (August 27-28, 2022 at Dignity Health Sports Park, Carson, Calif.) Tickets>>

"We understand that people can be there all day and we have made some changes to the food options, especially for kids," said Lyle. "We've added a family food option and added more price-sensitive options, trying to make it work for everybody."

But also during the first two sessions on Saturday, fans will be able to go in and out of the stadium. 

With the LA Invitational playings its second day of competition at the Dignity Health Sports Park complex, teams might wish to see some of the action between their own games on Saturday.

"We're going to have the gates open and a team might player early in the morning, and then go watch the World Series tournament, but if they win they would have another game, so we want them to be able to both watch the action in the stadium and play later on," said Lyle.

How LA 7s Is Getting Better: Food Options

To also facilitate that the plaza in front of the stadium—Legends Plaza—where statues of soccer stars David Beckham and Landon Donovan stand—will become part of of the expanded festive atmosphere with food, drink, and merchandise. It's essentially a little activity village for the LA Invitational that allows fans, players, and coaches from the LAI some options for participating in the full tournament. So between LAI games you can go to the plaza for food or to relax, or go see games in the stadium, and then return to the outer fields for more LAI action.

LA Invitational Returns for LA 7s Weekend 2022

Once the LA Invitational ends, then the in-out privileges end, and for late Saturday and all day Sunday once you use your ticket to get into the stadium, you're in.

"As you work on these tournaments you find little things to make it better and accommodate what the fans want," said Lyle. "In the first year in San Diego the fan zone was in the parking lot across the street, and in Year Two it was in the outfield."

In the first year in Las Vegas there were complications about fans of the invitational having access to concessions and being able to watch the invitational games. But eventually the fan zone and festival area was consolidated and formalized.

"These changes can help build momentum for the event and how the entire event flows," said Lyle.

This will include an app that allows fans to go cashless throughout the complex, and cash-card machines that also allow fans to basically create a debit card they can use for the duration.  

LA Sevens (August 27-28, 2022 at Dignity Health Sports Park, Carson, Calif.) Tickets>>