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HUB-Bub: The LA 7s Rugby Hub Is Real

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HUB-Bub: The LA 7s Rugby Hub Is Real

The LA 7s Rugby Hub Map

The Rugby Hub is a real thing, and it's how the LA 7s will make its mark on the Sevens World Series.

What is the Rugby Hub? It's the central geographic area where restaurants and bars and other business are supporting rugby fans for the LA 7s weekend February 28-March 1. Fans over 21 can get a Rugby Passport (which is free) that gets the deals at a large number of participating businesses. 

You can get a Rugby Passport at participating establishments or at various sponsor booths at Dignity Health Sports Park. If you are on an adult team in the LA Invitational, you're already getting one.

The areas of Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, and Torrance are where the Rugby Hub is, and where you can, eat, drink, play Beach Rugby, watch Beach Rugby, and stay. For more go here>>.

Visit Baja Sharkeez in Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach, visit Hennessey's at Hermosa Beach (where the Beach Rugby is being played), Redondo Beach, and Manhattan Beach, and Barney's Beanery at Redondo Beach Pier, where the wrap party is.

There's also plenty of stuff to do for families and kids to see and do, including the Roundhouse Aquarium at the end of the Manhattan Beach Pier.

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