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Kick Off The LA 7s Weekend At The Beach

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Kick Off The LA 7s Weekend At The Beach

Beach rugby in the sunset. Photo The Rugby Corner.

The Beach Rugby portion of the LA 7s and LA Invitational will be a party kickoff for the entire weekend.

All The LA 7s Fun Within 20 Minutes

The LA 7s kickoff party is at Hennessey's at Hermosa Beach on February 28. That party kicks off at 4pm, but you can get there much earlier and celebrate the game. Only 50 feet from Hennessey's will be where the LA Invitational's Beach Rugby tournament happens. 

This is a great place to come, watch, and get in on the fun. Young teams, old boys, and any other rugby players who want to play tackle or touch Beach Rugby can do so. It's only $200 for a team to play anf you get discounted tickets to the HSBC LA 7s main vent.

(Want to know what the beach where you'll be playing? See the webcam):


So, kick off the weekend and get on the field (OK, the beach) and toss the ball around.

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