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HS Rankings Notes And How To See Them

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HS Rankings Notes And How To See Them

Huw Meredtih slogs through the mud for Wando.

A few thoughts and comments on Boys HS Rankings.

The new Boys HS Rankings are on FloRugby here - you've got to sign up to see them, but it's worth it, as you'll also get access to a whole bunch of other stuff.


Northern California

Already there have been a few shakeups. SFGG beat Danville for the first time in about five years. Lamorinda defeated CK McClatchy over the weekend (and will probably get some help in the rankings next week).

Lamo got a really nice performance from from the forward pack, led by prop Daniel Vete and flanker Tevita Tiueti. Backs Andrew Byrne (scrumhalf), and Max Schoenberger (fullback), and a massive effort from impact sub Oteti Vehikite, also shone. 

So that throws much of the Premier league into a spin. Right now SFGG gets a big boost in the rankings, and Danville takes a hit.


Southern California

The club season hasn't really started, bu the Irvine Rhinos, having won the Pacific Cup with victories over SFGG and Danville (albeit both very close) should get a boost in the HS Club rankings. Mase Funa was the tournament MVP, who just steamrolled over tacklers throughout the tournament, and sparked a comeback against Danville (from 22-5 down to 29-22 up). In that same tournament, Kahuku seemed to struggle a little.

We've documented a bit about what's going on in Southern California among the single school teams. St. Augustine has emerged as a power, and bumped Torrey Pines out of the playoffs. However, that doesn't mean Torrey Pines is out of any rankings movement. Success or lack thereof from the Saints or from La Costa Canyon could affect TP, as well. Mira Costa seems to have been coasting a little this year. They lost two close games to St. John Bosco - all hail Bosco for that - but their other league games have been fairly straightforward.

In fact, it was all decided so long ago that Costa could run their JV up against View Park and still make the playoffs. So the real Mustangs have to come out this weekend. LCC plays Bosco.

the Varsity White division is in playoff mode, also, so we'll see how the team we think is the best, Los Alamitos, does.



Like in Northern California, perennial powers (in this case Lake Travis and Westlake) have lost games. Upstarts (Allen, Katy) and strong teams like Dallas Harlequins Colts and Dallas Jesuit, are moving in. We're not really sure where Woodlands fits in. Jesuit for sure is moving up.



After a bit of a break they're back at it. Cardinal Gibbons is good this year. The question for us in the rankings is, can we know how good they are nationally? We don't see Florida teams outside of Florida too much.


South Carolina

Wando slogged through the mud (see picture above) to win again. They could be really, really good, and the MSIRL will help them show that. (That pic is Huw Meredith, who scored four tries for Wando over the weekend.


North Carolina

Much of the action of note has been in the MSIRL, with Wando defeating both Chapel Hill and the Charlotte Tigers. And then we've seen Chapel Hill beat Myers Park pretty well. This is another league getting a bit of a shakeup.


The new Boys HS Rankings are on FloRugby here - you've got to sign up to see them,