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GRR D1A Rankings 2023-24 Week 25

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GRR D1A Rankings 2023-24 Week 25

Photo SMC Rugby.

With two weeks of playoff games to energize the latest D1A rankings we were excited to see what changes those results would bring.

Ultimately, despite a new #1, we don't have much. Saint Mary's, Life, and Navy all could be #1. There are compelling reasons for any of them. Ultimately we picked the one two that had the most impressive victories, understanding that the other two played slightly higher-ranked teams overall. We also figured, hey, Navy and Life had their time at #1, maybe Saint Mary's deserves a moment there. 

Who knows? Maybe BYU will come in blow the rankings to pieces.

Army's performance against Life, coupled with their earlier defeat of Cal, moves them up. Cal had their moments this season, for sure, but ultimately can only hang their hat on their win over Navy; having lost to Saint Mary's twice, BYU once, and Army once, Cal doesn't have a huge argument that they should be ranked ahead of the likes of Army (beat Cal), and Central Washington (split with BYU this season).

Almost every ranking requires us to toss out some result with a big ol' "yeah, but ...". Readers could certainly look at it all a little differently. 

BYU should be #4? It's tough. BYU did lose to Lindenwood, and Lindenwood wasn't too far behind Life. So we'll keep them at #5 for now. Obviously the rankings are self-correcting. BYU wins this coming weekend yet another loss—actually two losses—get thrown out.

Rk. Prev. College Team Conference Notes
1 2 Saint Mary's California Beat GCU (16), Cal (7)
2 3 Navy Rugby East Beat UMW (14), Arkansas State (8)
3 1 Life University Rugby East Beat Army (12), Lindenwood (4)
4 4 Lindenwood Midwest Beat Mount St. Mary's (15). Lost to Life (1)
5 6 BYU Rocky Mountain Beat UCLA (13), CWU (5)
6 5 Central Washington Independent Beat Arizona (11). Lost to BYU (6)
7 12 Army Rugby East Close loss to Life (1)
8 7 Cal PAC Beat Cal Poly (10). Lost to Saint Mary's (2)
9 8 Arkansas State Independent Beat Davenport (9). Lost to Navy (3)
10 10 Cal Poly California Lost to Cal (7)
11 11 Arizona PAC Lost to CWU (5)
12 9 Davenport Midwest Close loss to Arkansas State (8)
13 13 UCLA PAC Lost to BYU (6)
14 14 Mary Washington Rugby East Lost to Navy (3)
15 15 Mount St. Mary's Rugby East Lost to Lindenwood (4)
16 16 Grand Canyon Independent Lost to Saint Mary's (2)
17 17 Colorado State Rocky Mountain  
18 18 CSULB California  
19 19 Penn State Rugby East  
20 20 Texas A&M Red River  
21 21 Adrian Midwest  
22 22 Air Force Rocky Mountain  
23 23 Texas Red River  
24 24 Michigan State Big 10  
25 25 UC Santa Barbara California