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GRR D1A Rankings 2023-24 Week 23

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GRR D1A Rankings 2023-24 Week 23

Saint Mary's vs Cal. David Barpal photo.

So we frast-tracked these rankings because the playoff seedings are expected to come out very soon, and these rankings are a small part of how the official D1A rankings and seedings are used.

We might see a little difference within the D1A official rankings, but not much. Here's what we were thinking:

1. If LIfe had faltered against BYU, even in a win, they might have been moved down pending a Saint Mary's win over Cal. But they did well, and while Saint Mary's did, too, in the end, based mostly on overall strength of schedule, Life retains the #1 seed.

2. Navy has one loss. Should be #3 despite the fact they lost to a team that has lost (now) three times.

3. Lindenwood has a loss on their record, too. Two actually, but again their overall strength of schedule and success has been good. No one is perfect this year except Saint Mary's (which is a very creditable argument for them to be #1). Still Lindenwood has beaten Davenoport, BYU, and Central Washington.

5. Central Washington and BYU have had big wins and some close losses. BYU being ranked behind CWU is based on their own meeting plus the fact that CWU was much, much closer to Saint Mary's than were the Cougars.

6. Cal ... OK, let's look at it this way, with the other teams ranked 10-13 or so.

Cal beat Navy who only have lost once and beat Life as well as Army. So Cal should be #1 right? Of course, Cal lost to Army, who lost to Navy and to Arizona, to maybe Arizona is top of all of those. Except Arizona lost to Saint Mary's and Central Washington and, tellingly, UCLA. Cal Poly beat UCLA. You see how mixed up it can be. Cal was within a try of Saint Mary's, but they did lose. And they did lose to Army. So should they be ahead of Navy or behind Army? In the end we split the difference and say "neither."

If we look at these rankings and guess a D1A playoff it would be this:

East Quarters (NOT OFFICIAL):
Mount St. Mary's at Life
Mary Washington at Navy
Army at Lindenwood
Davenport at Arkansas State

West Quarters (NOT OFFICIAL):
GCU at Saint Mary's
UCLA at Central Washington
Arizona at BYU 
Cal Poly at Cal

We'll see if that holds up. What is true is this is the most competitive and most unpredictable D1A season ever. We think any of the top nine. could win it all, and we're not counting out any of the other seven to at least make the semifinals. But, really, if Arkansas State won it all would you be all that surprised? What about Cal? Of course not. That's what has made this season so great.

(Note the records listed for the teams include shortened tournament games and games against Canadian college teams, but do not include games against men's clubs and do not include 7s or 10-a-side games.)

Rk. Prev. College Team Conference Notes
1 1 Life University Rugby East Beat BYU (6) Record: 8-1
2 2 Saint Mary's California Beat Cal (8) Record: 13-0
3 3 Navy Rugby East Beat Penn State (19) Record: 14-1
4 4 Lindenwood Midwest Beat McKendree, Adrian (23) Record: 15-2
5 5 Central Washington Independent Record: 6-3
6 6 BYU Rocky Mountain Lost to Life (1) Record: 7-4
7 8 Cal PAC Close loss to Saint Mary's (2) Record: 10-3
8 10 Arkansas State Independent Record: 8-2
9 9 Davenport Midwest Record: 8-3
10 13 Cal Poly California Beat UCLA (11) Record: 8-4
11 12 Arizona PAC Beat Army (7) Record: 10-4
12 7 Army Rugby East Close loss to Arizona (12) Record: 5-7-1
13 11 UCLA PAC Lost to Cal Poly (13) Record: 12-5
14 14 Mary Washington Rugby East Beat Guelph Record: 6-6
15 15 Mount St. Mary's Rugby East Beat Kutztown 10-3
16 16 Grand Canyon Independent Record: 4-4
17 17 Colorado State Rocky Mountain  
18 18 CSULB California  
19 19 Penn State Rugby East Lost to Navy (3)
20 21 Texas A&M Red River  
21 23 Adrian Midwest Lost to Lindenwood (4)
22 20 Air Force Rocky Mountain  
23 22 Texas Red River  
24 24 Michigan State Big 10  
25 25 UC Santa Barbara California weefjwdfjksdk;fj