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GRR D1A Rankings 2023-24 Week 17

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GRR D1A Rankings 2023-24 Week 17

David Barpal photo.

Should we have moved BYU to #1?

It's a very legitimate question, and maybe if we didn't have a bunch of other big games coming up for various teams we might have. But of course BYU did lose to Lindenwood. So the net question is ...

Should we have moved Lindenwood to #1?

Yes, maybe. They did win a game (actually a couple of games) in impressive fashion over the weekend. But we've going to wait a little bit, maybe just a week, but we want to see at least one more game this winter/spring from the Lions.

Arizona loses a game and moves up. OK, so this is one of those things where we have a set idea of where a team is, that being Central Washington, and we base everything off that. So two wins over top Canadian teams, and a close loss to another, and we feel like we're happy with CWU's #7 ranking. So they squeeze by Arizona 19-17 it seems right to have those two teams right next to each other. We could have moved CWU down but that seems a bit mean-spirited. 

Lindenwood Shuts Out UMW in the Tennessee Rain

CWU Just Barely Holds Off Arizona

So Arizona moves up and Arkansas State fans, we're sure, will say "ASU won by over 100 and they move down. Say it ain't so!" It is so. In fact, 100-point wins tell us almost nothing. 

Interestingly, the answer to Lindenwood #1? and Arkansas State got screwed? is the same ... Lindenwood at Arkansas State next week. 

We also pondered moving Cal Poly ahead of Grand Canyon but seeing as GCU plays Cal next week and Cal Poly plays Central Washington we might have more info to deal with that, too.

Rk. Prev. College Team Conference Notes
1 1 Navy Rugby East  
2 2 Lindenwood Midwest Beat Mary Washington (12)
3 6 BYU Rocky Mountain Beat Cal (3)
4 3 Cal PAC Lost to BYU (6)
5 4 Life University Rugby East  
6 5 Saint Mary's California Beat Santa Clara, Boston College
7 7 Central Washington Independent Beat Arizona (8)
8 10 Arizona PAC Close loss to CWU (7)
9 8 Arkansas State Independent Beat McKendree
10 9 Davenport Midwest  
11 11 Army Rugby East  
12 16 UCLA PAC Beat Grand Canyon (14)
13 12 Mary Washington Rugby East Lost to Lindenwood (2)
14 14 Grand Canyon Independent Lost to UCLA (16)
15 15 Cal Poly California Beat UCSC
16 13 Mount St. Mary's Rugby East  
17 17 Colorado State Rocky Mountain  
18 18 Penn State Rugby East  
19 22 Texas Red River Beat Texas Tech
20 19 Air Force Rocky Mountain  
21 20 Michigan State Big 10  
22 21 Wisconsin Big 10  
23 23 Ohio State Big 10  
24 24 Texas A&M Red River Games Ppd.
25 25 UC Davis California