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GRR 2023 D1A Rankings Week 1

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GRR 2023 D1A Rankings Week 1

Central Washington makes a move. Photo CWU Athletics.

This past fall we conducted a rankings experiment, ranking DIAA and NCR D1 and D1A teams all together.

The idea was to really see where DIAA teams fell in the hierarchy, and to make the attempt to not differentiate between NCR D1 and D1A. What we found was that there is very little crossover between DIAA and the other divisions. Maybe a little, but at the rankings level there isn't. This was proven out by Virginia Tech, which went winless in the Rugby East, going on to win NCR's DIAA playoffs. 

So we're not going to do that anymore. There's no point. We'll rank the divisions separately. And now we're into the winter/spring this ranking will be D1A only. The reason for that is because NCR teams aren't playing 15s now—OK a little bit, but not a lot. We do a mixed ranking after some games have been played, but overall, each week we will be doing a D1A-only ranking and it will be a view into how we at GRR World Headquarters vote when we are called upon to vote for the rankings.

The official CRAA-run D1A rankings uses some voting, but also uses an algorithm that rewards strength of schedule. In the ranking below we compare our own ranking with the last official D1A ranking just for fun. The biggest difference is results-driven—Central Washington's excellent start bumps them up. Results are also why Grand Canyon and Texas and several of the California teams are in there (note also CRAA's ranking is a Top 20, and we do 25). 

Arkansas State drops down simply because we at GRR haven't seen enough of them. Again, that's results-driven (albeit, lack-of-results). 

Rank Dec D1A Rank Team Div/Conf Notes
1 1 Navy Rugby East Won Rugby East
2 2 Lindenwood Mid-South Played in the fall and beat Army
3 9 Central Washington Independent Beat UBC, UCLA by good margins
4 3 Saint Mary's California Solid tour of UK/Ire. Lost to UBC
5 4 Cal PAC Early wins but waiting for stronger opponents
6 5 Army Rugby East 2nd in Rugby East, lost to Lindenwood
7 6 Davenport Mid-South Two early wins in Mid-South
8 7 Life University Mid-South Lost to Davenport in fall
9 8 BYU Rocky Mountain Won Rocky Mountain. Waiting for stronger opponents
10 15 Grand Canyon Independent Beat UCLA
11 11 Colorado Rocky Mountain 2nd in Rocky Mountain.
12 13 Arizona PAC Beat Utah convincingly
13 12 Cal Poly California Good 2-1 start in California Conference
14 16 Ohio State Big 10 Very close 2nd in Big 10, beat Penn State
15 14 UCLA PAC Lost to GCU and CWU and Cal, but has shown potential
16 17 Penn State Rugby East Lost close bowl game to Ohio State
17 10 Arkansas State Mid-South Waiting to see what they do
18 19 Texas A&M Red River Strong start in Red River
19 NR UCSB California Close (short game) win over UCSC
20 NR UCSC California Close win over Davis
21 NR Santa Clara California Still a bit of a waiting game
22 NR UC Davis California Close loss to UCSC, beat SDSU
23 18 Air Force Rocky Mountain  
24 NR Texas Red River Two wins in Red River
25 20 Colorado State Rocky Mountain