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Final D1AA Rankings for 2023-24

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Final D1AA Rankings for 2023-24

San Diego vs Iowa State in the CRAA D1AA final. Photo Jeff Dalton.

We are wrapping up our D1AA rankings today.

It is always really difficult to make direct comparisons between teams that play primarily in the fall and teams that play primarily in the spring. Sam Houston State provides a nice connection between the two, playing as they did bowl games for both NCR and CRAA. Maybe we can have a peace summit at their field some day.

But overall we just look closely at the very top teams and see if that has a reflection on the teams they play and the teams in their conference.

We also had a chat with heads of both Kentucky and San Diego and they both had to (grudgingly) acknowledge that having those two teams tied at the top is the most acceptable (or, more accurately, the least unacceptable) option. Both DORs said they'd love to play the other, implying strongly that they think they'd win. Well, we'd like that too, but it's not happening at the moment.

USD's final against Iowa State also moved ISU down and the main reason for that is Western Washington came within the width of a goalpost of beating USD. We figure they are a worthy #3. Tough on Louisville? Yes, tough on Louisville. Could the Cardinals be thought of, at least, tied with WWU? Quite possibly. But we're going to have WWU along at #3 because of how close they came to bearing San Diego.

We have USD in a photo above so it seems only fair to also have a photo of Kentucky. (Photo Alex Goff.)

Rank Prev Team Conference Notes


1 Kentucky SCRC  
4 U. San Diego Gold Coast Beat Iowa State (3)
3 5 Western Washington NCRC  
4 2 Louisville MAC  
5 3 Iowa State Heart of America Lost to San Diego (4)
6 7 Sam Houston State Lonestar  
7 6 Virginia Tech MARC  
8 8 Kansas Heart of America Successful tour of Australia
9 9 Tennessee SCRC  
10 10 St. Thomas Florida CC Beat Air Force
11 11 Florida Florida CC Lost to Sam Houston State (7)
12 12 San Jose State California DIAA  
13 13 Rice Lonestar  
14 14 American River California DIAA  
15 15 Bowling Green MAC  
16 16 Western Michigan MAC  
17 17 Boston College Liberty  
18 18 UMass Liberty  
19 19 Iowa Heart of America  
20 20 Clemson SCRC  
21 21 Chico State California DIAA  
22 22 Fresno State California DIAA  
23 23 NC State Southern  
24 24 Central Florida Florida CC  
25 25 South Carolina SCRC  
26 26 Alabama SCRC  
28 33 Claremont Colleges California DIAA  
29 34 Arizona State California DIAA  
30 28 Kansas State Heart of America  
31 27 South Florida Florida CC  
32 29 West Chester MARC  
33 30 St. Joseph's MARC  
34 31 Binghamton Liberty  
35 32 St. Edward's Lonestar  
35 35 UTSA Lonestar  
36 36 Florida State Florida CC  
37 37 Missouri Heart of America  
38 38 UNC Chapel Hill Southern  
39 39 Stanford California DIAA  
40 40 Boise State NCRC