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Final D1 Men's College Rankings For Fall 2022

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Final D1 Men's College Rankings For Fall 2022

Olly Lassende photo.

We wrap up our All-D1 Fall ranking and it's been a bit of an experiment.

The longtime conventional wisdom has been that there's some crossover between D1A and D1AA teams (meaning some D1AA teams are stronger than some D1A teams). And with the development of NCR's D1, which includes teams that play in D1A conferences, that's also thought to be true.

But while that was shown to be true December 3 with Kentucky beating Colorado State, it was also shown to be not so true a week later with Virginia Tech winning NCR's D1AA playoffs after going winless in the Rugby East.

For the most part, this All-D1 ranking has told us that splitting up D1 and D1AA in rankings is probably the right way to go from now on.

We do end up moving Virginia Tech and Kentucky up several spots because of their results, and they are ranked ahead of some D1A or NCR D1 teams. But overall there's a separation.

Our biggest mover near the top is, of course, Brown, which goes to #7 from #14 after beating St. Bonaventure and Queens to win NCR's D1 championship. Bowl game wins for Ohio State and University of Notre Dame move them up, and because of Virginia Tech's success we also move up some Rugby East teams.

Look for the winter-spring rankings in the New Year, but we will likely separate them and keep them separated.

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(We have a small change in the rankings since our initial posting after a sorting error got fixed.)

Rank Prev Team Div/Conf Notes
1 1 Navy D1A Rugby East  
2 2 Lindenwood D1A Mid-South  
3 3 Army D1A Rugby East  
4 4 Davenport D1A Mid-South  
5 5 Life University D1A Mid-South  
6 6 BYU D1A Rocky Mt.  
7 14 Brown NCR D1 Liberty Beat St. Bonaventure (7), Queens (9)
8 7 St. Bonaventure NCR D1 Rugby East Lost to Brown (14)
9 8 Indiana D1A Big 10  
10 9 Queens NCR D1 Rugby East Beat Thomas More (15), lost to Brown (14)
11 13 Ohio State D1A Big 10 Beat Penn State (17)
12 10 Notre Dame College NCR D1 Rugby East  
13 16 U. Notre Dame Big 10 NCR D1 Beat Boise State 
14 11 Kutztown NCR D1 Rugby East  
15 12 Colorado D1A Rocky Mt.  
16 15 Thomas More NCR D1 Big Rivers Lost to Queens (9)
17 17 Penn State D1A Rugby East Close loss to Ohio State (13)
18 22 Mary Washington NCR D1 Rugby East  
19 24 Mt. St. Mary's NCR D1 Rugby East  
20 26 Southern Virginia NCR D1 Rugby East  
21 27 Virginia Tech NCR D1AA Rugby East Beat St. Joseph's (36), Louisville (18)
21 30 Kentucky D1AA SCRC Beat Colorado State (21)
23 18 Louisville D1AA MAC Beat Binghamton (47), lost to Virginia Tech (27)
24 20 Air Force D1A Rocky Mt.  
25 21 Colorado State D1A Rocky Mt. Lost to Kentucky (30)
26 23 AIC NCR D1 Liberty  
27 25 Wheeling NCR D1 Big Rivers  
28 28 Tennessee D1AA SCRC  
29 29 Adrian NCR D1 Big Rivers  
30 32 Illinois D1A Big 10  
31 33 Wisconsin D1A Big 10  
32 36 St. Joseph's NCR D1AA MARC  
33 22 Bowling Green D1AA MAC  
34 34 Fairfield NCR D1 Liberty  
35 35 Iona NCR D1 Liberty  
36 31 Dartmouth NCR D1 Liberty  
37 38 Michigan State D1A Big 10  
38 39 Boston College NCR D1 Liberty  
39 45 Siena NCR D1 Liberty  
40 47 Binghamton NCR D1AA Liberty  
41 40 Iowa State D1AA HOA  
42 37 South Carolina D1AA SCRC  
43 41 Clemson D1AA SCRC  
44 43 Iowa Central CC NCR D1 Big Rivers  
45 44 Belmont Abbey NCR D1AA Southern  
46 49 Marian NCR D1 Big Rivers  
47 50 Texas State D1AA Lonestar  
48 Unr Sam Houston State Lonestar Beat Southern Nazarene
49 46 Western Michigan D1AA MAC  
50 48 Western Washington D1AA NCRC ZUBIZUBIZUBI