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Fall Men DI College Rankings Week 10

College Men

Fall Men DI College Rankings Week 10

Steven Zomberg photo.

Some clashes between ranked teams, for the most part, went as expected, and because of that there aren't major changes in this fall's DI rankings.

Michigan's big loss to Wisconsin in the Big Ten 3rd/4th game shunts the Wolverines down a bit; Alabama's close loss to South Carolina moves the Tide up a bit; Arkansas beating Kansas shows us the Razorbacks are back ... so they move up.

St. Joseph's drops out in favor of the team that not only beat them, but then beat Pitt - James Madison.

This now all sets up the ACRC Bowl Series, where we see 19 ranked teams in ten games (Rutgers is the only non-ranked team to play). And in that lineup of games, AIC, Clemson, Tennessee, South Carolina, Indiana, and Kutztown all have a shot at ending the fall at #1.


Goff Rugby Report 2015-16 Men FALL DI College Rankings Week #10
Rank Prev Team Comp Notes
1 1 AIC (Mass.) DIAA, ACRC, ECRC Idle
2 2 Indiana (Ind.) DIA, Big Ten Defeated Ohio State (13)
3 3 Arkansas State (Ark.) Varsity Cup Idle
4 4 Penn State (Pa.) ACRC, DIA, VC, Rugby East Idle
5 5 Kutztown (Pa.) ACRC, DIA, Rugby East Idle
6 6 Utah (Utah) VC, DIA, Pac Rugby Idle
7 7 Navy (Md.) VC, Ind. Defeated Notre Dame College (41)
8 8 Davenport (Mich.) DIA, Mid-South Idle
9 9 Clemson (SC) ACRC, VC, ACRL Defeated Virginia Tech
10 10 Tennessee (Tenn.) ACRC, SCRC Defeated Florida
11 11 Wisconsin (Wisc.) DIA, Big Ten Defeated Michigan (24)
12 12 South Carolina ACRC, SCRC Defeated Alabama (34)
13 13 Ohio State (Ohio) DIA, Big Ten Lost to Indiana (2)
14 14 Wheeling Jesuit (WV) ACRC, DIA, Rugby East Idle
15 15 Iona (NY) DIA, ACRC, Rugby East Defeated Stony Brook (27)
16 16 LSU (La.) DIA, Red River Idle
17 17 Air Force (Colo.) DIA, VC, DIA West Defeated New Mexico
18 18 Army (NY) ACRC, DIA, VC, Rugby East Idle
19 19 Oklahoma (Okla.) DIA, VC, Red River Defeated UTEP
20 20 MTSU (Tenn.) DIAA, SIRC Defeated Georgia Southern
21 21 Boston College (Mass.) DIAA, ACRC, ECRC Idle
22 22 Bowling Green (Ohio) DIAA, ACRC, MAC Idle
23 23 Syracuse (NY) DIAA, ACRC, Empire Idle
24 34 Alabama (Ala.) ACRC, SCRC Lost to South Carolina (12)
25 25 Texas A&M (Texas) DIA, Red River Idle
26 28 Florida International (Fla.) DIAA, SIRC Idle
27 26 Western Michigan (Mich.) DIAA, ACRC, MAC Idle
28 38 Arkansas (Ark.) DIAA, Heart of America Defeated Kansas (30)
29 27 Stony Brook (NY) DIAA, ACRC, Empire Lost to Iona (15)
30 29 Delaware (Del.) DIA Independent Idle
31 30 Kansas (Kans.) DIAA, Heart of America Lost to Arkansas (38)
32 24 Michigan (Mich.) DIA, Big Ten Lost to Wisconsin (11)
33 31 NC State (NC) ACRC, ACRL Idle
34 32 Colorado (Colo.) DIA, ACRC, West DIA Idle
35 33 Colorado State (Colo.) DIA, DIA West Idle
36 35 Missouri (Mo.) DIAA, Heart of America Idle
37 36 Cincinnati (Ohio) DIAA, ACRC, MAC Idle
38 37 Maryland (Md.) ACRC, ACRL Forfeit win
39 Unr James Madison (Va.) DIAA, ACRC, SWC Defeated St. Joe's (39), Pitt (42)
40 40 Dartmouth (NH) DIAA, ACRC, Varsity Cup, Ivy Defeated Harvard (49)
41 41 Notre Dame College (Ohio) DIAA Independent Lost to Navy (7)
42 42 Pitt (Pa.) DIAA, ACRC, Keystone Defeated Temple, lost to JMU
43 43 Ohio (Ohio) DIAA, ACRC, MAC Idle
44 44 Colgate (NY) DIAA, ACRC, Empire Idle
45 45 St. Bonaventure (NY) DIA, ACRC, Rugby East Idle
46 47 New England College (NH) DIAA, ACRC, ECRC Idle
47 46 UMass (Mass.) DIAA, ACRC, ECRC Idle
48 48 Dayton (Ohio) DIAA, ACRC, MAC Idle
49 49 Harvard (Mass.) DIAA, ACRC, Ivy Lost to Dartmouth (40)
50 50 North Texas (Texas) DIAA, ACRC, SWC Defeated Houston