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DIAA-Level Men College Rankings Week 20

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DIAA-Level Men College Rankings Week 20

Florida State and Central Florida hold steady. Photo Mark Chambers.

As we've been discussing, we could eventually have a new #1. The best candidate for that at the moment is Fresno State.

Twice now Fresno State has matched up against what we'd consider their main rival for tops in the Pacific Western Conference. They won those games (against Chico State and UC Santa Cruz) by 48 and 45. The next two rivals in their conference? That's be Sacramento State or Stanford, and Fresno State has beaten those teams by over 50.

So ... what's next? Playoffs. We have to see how Fresno operates against teams outside their conference. Another candidate is Cal State Long Beach, and beating a DIA team in San Diego State is one way to get a boost.

In Florida the big changes have been more about which teams are stronger. So yes, Florida State is the top team—no argument there. Central Florida looks to be #2. But the rest? We dropped out Florida and South Florida because they haven't found the wins. Meanwhile, North Florida has finally, in our minds, backed up previous results by beating Florida and moving to 3-1 in the conference. Finally (and maybe too late if you're a North Florida fan) we have them in the rankings. Oregon State comes back in after a close loss to Oregon. 

Texas State moves up after winning the Lonestar Conference. As with the Pac West teams, now we need to see these teams in a wider habitat. Texas State and UT San Antonio will be in the spring playoffs we that is where they could really bump up their rankings.

(Editor's note: Yes we probably had Texas State too low, but we really, really need to know results. For the Lonestar Conference, we only had one coach who spoke to us on a regular basis. Most didn't reply at all. Social media, conference websites ... all of them failed to show regular results. How can we report on you if you don't respond or talk about your results? Texas State and UT San Antonio might well deserve to be ranked higher, but if they don't report results or talk to GRR, there's only so much we can do. Thank you to all the coaches who help us get our information.) 

Rank Prev Team Conference Notes
1 1 Tennessee SCRC  
2 2 Queens University Chesapeake  
3 3 Brown Ivy League  
4 4 U. Notre Dame Independent  
5 5 Bowling Green MAC  
6 10 Fresno State Pac West Beat UCSC (24)
7 6 Clemson SCRC  
8 7 Dartmouth Ivy League  
9 8 Mary Washington Chesapeake  
10 9 Wheeling Independent  
11 11 Mount St. Mary's Chesapeake  
12 12 Iowa Central CC Independent  
13 13 Florida State Florida Beat Florida Atlantic (27)
14 14 Virginia Tech Chesapeake  
15 15 Kentucky SCRC  
16 22 CSULB Gold Coast Beat San Diego State
17 16 Western Michigan MAC  
18 20 Western Washington NCRC Beat Washington
19 17 West Chester MARC  
20 18 Louisville MAC  
21 19 Kansas Heart of America  
22 21 U. San Diego Gold Coast  
23 23 Minnesota Heart of America  
24 25 Central Florida Florida Beat South Florida 
25 24 UCSC Pac West Lost to Fresno State (10)
26 26 St. Joseph's MARC  
27 30 Oregon NCRC Beat Oregon State
28 Unr North Florida Florida Beat Florida (31)
29 28 Boise State NCRC  
30 29 Rowan MARC  
31 41 Texas State Lonestar Beat A&MCC, SHSU (34), UTSA (45)
32 33 Iowa State Heart of America  
33 34 Sam Houston State Lonestar Beat Rice, Dallas, lost to Texas State (41)
34 35 IUPUI MAC  
35 36 Arkansas Heart of America  
36 37 Cincinnati MAC  
37 40 Kansas State Heart of America  
38 32 Chico State Pac West Tied Stanford
39 42 Southern Virginia Chesapeake  
40 Unr Oregon State NCRC Lost 21-19 to Oregon (30)
41 45 UT San Antonio Lonestar Beat LeTourneau, Dallas, lost to Texas St. (41)
42 38 Arizona State Gold Coast  
43 43 Iowa Heart of America  
44 27 Florida Atlantic Florida Lost to Florida State (13)
45 44 Salisbury MARC