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DIA Rankings: The Official Poll and How We Voted

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DIA Rankings: The Official Poll and How We Voted

Army moving up. Adam Smith photo.

The official DIA rankings are out for this week and big results for Ohio State and Army see some changes in the Top 10.

Now, it's a tough job to vote on teams in the fall, when some teams are playing and some are not. The question rises as to whether any of the fall teams are strong enough to beat Cal, Saint Mary's, Lindenwood, and Life. Usually we don't see much to tell us much about this, but occasionally we get a result to gives us an indication.

Lindenwood was probably the strongest team in college rugby last year. But they graduated a lot of players and the consensus was that after the COVID shutdowns, Cal would likely come out of it the strongest. That's why most voted Cal #1. But if you are going to have a team from the fall at #1, would it not be reasonable to think about Army? It certainly is, and it's likely we are not the only voters to put Army at the top of the heap. They beat Navy. They beat Penn State. They beat St. Bonaventure. They beat Air Force. They lost to Dartmouth, yes, but there are some factors that might give us cause to put that result aside. They beat Queens U. Charlotte. And last week, they beat Lindenwood.

For us at GRR, that's enough to put Army at #1 for the moment. Certainly Cal, Saint Mary's, et al could produce results that could move them up past the Black Knights, but for now, Army is at #1 for us. The DIA poll may well be right, but we're giving you a look into our decision-making process.

And then after Life plays Saint Mary's, might we put the winner of that game at #1? We might.  

Goff Rugby Report Men's D1A College Rankings 2021-22 Week Nov 15
Goff Ranking Team Notes
1 Army Beat Lindenwood, Won Rugby East. If anyone from the fall, it's Army
2 Cal  
3 Saint Mary's Playing this weekend
4 BYU Rocky Mountain champs by a long way
5 Lindenwood Strong start but lost to Army
6 Life Close win over Davenport
7 Navy Beat Dartmouth
8 Ohio State Won Big 10
9 Indiana 2nd in Big 10. Close loss.
10 Davenport 17-16 loss to Life
11 Central Washington  
12 Arkansas State  
13 Arizona  
14 UCLA  
15 Penn State Lost to Navy 11/6
16 Colorado State Rocky Mountain runner-up
17 Utah Valley  
18 Texas A&M Beat Texas
19 Colorado  
20 Grand Canyon  
21 Michigan State 3rd in Big 10, beat Illinois
22 Utah  
23 Baylor  
24 Cal Poly  
25 Air Force  
26 Santa Clara  
27 UC Davis  
28 Illinois 4th in Big 10
29 Michigan 5th in Big 10, beat Purdue
30 San Diego State  
31 Purdue Lost to Michigan
32 UC Santa Barbara  
33 North Texas  
34 Wyoming  
35 Texas Lost to Texas A&M. Had beaten Oklahoma before
36 Oklahoma  
37 Wisconsin Beat Northwestern
38 Utah State  
39 Texas Tech  
40 New Mexico  

Official DIA Rankings Poll for the Week of Nov 15