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DIA Games President's Day Weekend

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DIA Games President's Day Weekend

Saint Mary's vs BYU in last season's DIA quarterfinals. David Barpal photo.

Well we've been humbled a couple of times the last two weeks in our picks.

Looking back, it's because we keep picking Baylor to win, and Baylor keeps losing. What's that definition of insanity? Yeah well we're doing the same thing and expecting a new result, because we've picked Baylor to win again.

We list Central Washington even though they're not playing a DIA opponent. Got to hand it to new Canadian varsity program Trinity Western, they are not taking it easy on themselves. They have schedule some very tough American opposition and are taking their lumps to get better. CWU will provide some of those lumps.

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Baylor could very well lose to Texas Tech, but, you know, that insanity defense thing ... Grand Canyon at Santa Clara is almost a pick 'em game for us. GCU is a good team, but still learning, and this is a pretty useful Santa Clara team. Overall there are some tough-to-pick games this week.

Despite a few missteps, the last three weeks we have been 16-5, which is not great, but not horrible. This past week's 6-2 showing included SD State's tie with UCSB. Had SD State scored one more point ... oh never mind. We got it wrong.

FTF Game Of The Week Cal At Arizona

A Classic Rivalry As Saint Mary's Hosts BYU

Here goes this week. Check back for scores:

Date Away at Home Conference GRR Picks
2/14/20 Central Washington 78-10 Trinity Western Non Conference CWU by 25
2/15/20 Life 22-29 Arkansas State Mid-South Life by 15
2/15/20 Lindenwood 62-7 Clemson Mid-South Lindenwood by 30
2/15/20 BYU 24-25 Saint Mary's  Non Conference St. Mary's by 9
2/15/20 Cal 55-13 Arizona California Conf. Cal by 30
2/15/20 San Diego State 3-21 UC Davis California Conf. UC Davis by 7
2/15/20 Grand Canyon 30-0 Santa Clara California Conf. Grand Canyon by 10
2/15/20 LSU 31-48 Texas Red River Texas by 8
2/15/20 Texas Tech 27-38 Baylor Red River Baylor by 11
2/17/20 Grand Canyon 7-69 Saint Mary's California