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DIA Qfs Picks, Notes, and Stream Info

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DIA Qfs Picks, Notes, and Stream Info

Michael Geib photo.

So there's the little matter of the DIA Quarterfinals Saturday, with eight teams left with a rugby game and a dream.

Baylor hosts Arizona, broadcast live by FloSports.


Arizona is coming off an impressive win over Air Force, a team they beat by two points a month ago, and then proceeded to slam 51-7. It is starting to come together. But the Wildcats play in Waco, Texas against a team that has nothing to lose.

"The bye week was huge for us," said Baylor Head Coach Mason Hering. "We were pretty banged up going into the conference championship so having that extra week to rest and heal up was crucial. It also allowed for most of the guys to get some time with their families over Easter. Having that brief time away from rugby I think allows you to come back more focused and committed after a recharge."

Kickoff is 2pm Central Time.


Lindenwood plays at Life. These two teams know each other well, maybe too well. You get the feeling they would like to play someone different. But this is the job. It was a close game in Marietta last time, 24-18, but later in St. Charles Life won by a larger margin, 32-10. Both are young teams with some critical senior leadership. Both have relatively new coaching situations. This game will probably come down to simple stuff like penalties and goalkicking ... and scrums.

Kickoff is 3pm ET, and will be live-streamed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iSPIIDGfx8


BYU is at Indiana. "We're looking good," said Indiana star Bryce Campbell. "Everyone has stepped up and embraced his role. It's not just about one player. We've been trying to take steps forward with each warmup game. We felt we took a bit of a step back against Notre Dame [University] but played well against Notre Dame College last time out."

IU apparently has a new defensive setup locked in, so that should be interesting. We finally get to see this kind of matchup. BYU has not played a lot of opponents, but of course they bring a superb back row and a dynamic backline that can score from 100 meters away. Indiana has a ton of talent, though. It should be an exciting matchup if only to see how a team like IU handles a polished team like BYU.

The Cougars, even on the road, have to be favored. IU really has nothing to lose. We've seen no livestream info, but kickoff is 1pm Eastern Time.


And San Diego State is at Saint Mary's. This is another rematch, like Lindenwood at Life. SD State is playing its best rugby right now, but Saint Mary's beat them by 52 - 57-5. But to the Aztecs' credit, they never stopped playing, and it looked like some Gaels opponents kind of did.

Saint Mary's played a thre-game tour in the UK, with Irish Rugby Tours. They got some coaching from the Glasgow Warriors and Trinity College. They playd the Warrios Academy, Trinity,and Blackrock College, and tested themselves against a different type of opponent. It was just the thing, and the Gaels will be energized, firing, and ready. 

The game kicks off at 1pm Pacific Time. The game will be streamed live here: 


Our picks? Life has to be favored at home. Saint Mary's also. Those two should win. Arizona is probably favored over Baylor, but it's a tough trip to Texas and the Bars have surprised before. Don't take that pick to the bank. And BYU has to be favored over Indiana, but IU is playing at home, and BYU hasn't been playing a lot lately.