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DI Men's College Games Feb 9-12

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DI Men's College Games Feb 9-12

Lindenwood plays two this weekend. Colleen McCloskey photo.

Here are the weekend's DI men's college rugby games, with several top-ranked teams in action.

Of the Goff Rugby Report rankings, #1 Cal plays #23 Cal Poly as well as #21 Arizona State. #4 BYU plays the Glendale Raptors men's team, and the #5 team, Central Washington, also plays a men's team, the Valley Kangaroos of the Seattle area. Penn State wakes up from the winter and the #6 Nittany Lions visit #32 Navy in a game that promises to be much closer than the disparity between the two rankings might suggest.

Lindenwood, ranked at #9, has already played and beaten Colorado (#39) on Thursday and now look to #31 Air Force. 

Arkansas State, ranked #12, faces off with #37 LSU in a non-conference clash, while #13 Arizona is also in a non-league game, playing Gold Coast leaders Grand Canyon University.

UCLA rounds out the top 15 as the #15 Bruins face #19 Utah.

We preview and discuss the PAC Conference Utah, Cal, ASU, USC, UCLA in action in PAC This Weekend, Pacific Western Davis Stays Top as Pac West Continues, and SIRC SIRC Latest - FIU Falters, MTSU Rolls.

Check back for scores.


2/9/2017 Lindenwood 84-0 University of Colorado Non-Conf.
2/10/2017 Arizona State Ccld. Stanford Non-Conf.
2/11/2017 BYU 12-57 Glendale Raptors Non-Conf.
2/11/2017 San Diego State 64-12 Sacramento State California Conf.
2/11/2017 UC Santa Barbara 21-53 Santa Clara California Conf.
2/11/2017 San Diego 28-7 Azusa Pacific Gold Coast
2/11/2017 BYU B 63-0 UNLV Mountain States
2/11/2017 Dixie State 23-22 Weber State Mountain States
2/11/2017 Idaho State 0-59 Utah Valley Mountain States
2/11/2017 Washington State 24-34 Boise State NCRC
2/11/2017 Oregon State at Eastern Washington NCRC
2/11/2017 Washington 22-22 Oregon NCRC
2/11/2017 North Texas 62-12 SMU Non-Conf.
2/11/2017 Cal Poly 7-73 Cal Non-Conf.
2/11/2017 Grand Canyon 12-50 Arizona Non-Conf.
2/11/2017 Lindenwood 53-7 Air Force Academy Non-Conf.
2/11/2017 Arizona State 16-44 Cal PAC
2/11/2017 Utah 5-27 USC PAC
2/11/2017 Utah 49-8 UCLA PAC
2/11/2017 Nevada 12-33 Chico State Pac West
2/11/2017 San Francisco State 12-83 UC Davis Pac West
2/11/2017 Fresno State Ppd. Stanford Pac West
2/11/2017 San Jose State 0-91 UC Santa Cruz Pac West
2/11/2017 Baylor 83-8 TCU Red River
2/11/2017 Texas A&M 44-15 Texas Red River
2/11/2017 Arkansas 41-20 Texas Tech Red River
2/11/2017 South Florida Ppd.  Florida International SIRC
2/11/2017 Florida State 54-24 North Florida SIRC
2/11/2017 Georgia Tech 0-93 MTSU SIRC
2/11/2017 Georgia Southern 12-56 Kennesaw State SIRC
2/11/2017 Arkansas State 27-17 LSU Non-Conf.
2/11/2017 Central Washington 50-10 Valley Kangaroos Non-Conf.
2/11/2017 Clemson at Greenville RFC Non-Conf.
2/11/2017 South Carolina at UNC-Charlotte Non-Conf.
2/11/2017 Penn State 60-36 Navy Non-Conf.