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01.27.2019 - Alex Goff

Arizona State is back. The college program opened up its PAC Rugby Conference season with a 32-27 defeat of Utah Saturday, signalling perhaps a return to the level the Sun Devils enjoyed before a program suspension suffered a couple of years ago.

(Photos by J Dalton Photography, used with permission. Click on photos to enlarge)

02.18.2018 - GRR Staff

The University of California got two tries from scrumhalf Keanu Andrade and scored 24 in each half to beat Arizona 48-17 in PAC Rugby Conference action this weekend.

In a game between the FloRugby #3 and #9, it was the higher-ranked team that came away victorious.

Freshman Kevin Saunders was brought in to start for Cal and scored the Bears' first try.

11.22.2017 - Alex Goff

On Tuesday, Arizona State University Police released the video of a rugby player playing for Arizona State University's B team kicking a University of Arizona player.

09.07.2017 - Alex Goff

As usual it's a bit of a hedge maze to navigate the US DI college, but we've still got to navigate it.

Right now we have 70 teams in D1A, the most ever. They are split into the following conferences (or not conferences). We've got some links to more detailed articles if you want them.


07.18.2017 - Alex Goff

If you're wondering why there's no confirmation on what teams are in what DIA conference, it's because there are still some decisions to be made.

07.13.2017 - GRR Staff

Arizona State University Men's Rugby has reached an agreement with ASU and with D1A and the Varsity Cup that will being the team back on the field but will also bring in a new head coach.

04.03.2017 - Alex Goff

Baylor's defeat of LSU in the Red River Conference final puts the entire DIA playoff picture into some muddiness as we await the latest rankings.

(This article contains some changes from the original based on what teams will be playing in the playoffs ... basically we shouldn't have had Arkansas State in there, sorry -AG)

03.25.2017 - Alex Goff

The University of Utah handed the University of Arizona a startling loss in PAC Rugby Conference play, defeating the Wildcats 53-3.

03.22.2017 - Alex Goff

Is this a must-win? Maybe, maybe not, but Arizona plays Utah this weekend in the PAC Rugby Conference, and this is a game that has significant DIA playoff ramifications.

03.12.2017 - Alex Goff

Cal made it official this weekend with two lopsided victories to finish PAC Rugby Conference play 5-0.

The Bears have won the conference, but of course will not participate in the DIA postseason as the Bears have opted, instead, to play in the Varsity Cup. 

03.08.2017 - Alex Goff

It's not too early to look at the DIA playoff scenarios, and in fact we're almost at a point where the playoff teams could be mostly confirmed.

Here's the rundown:

Rugby East. Penn State won the Rugby East and will go to the Varsity Cup instead. The rest of the teams in Rugby East are playing 7s or the Varsity Cup, so we won't see a Rugby East team in the playoffs at all.

02.25.2017 - Alex Goff

The University of Arizona moved to 2-1 in the PAC Rugby Conference and took the Dave Blank Trophy as the Wildcats defeated the Arizona State Sun Devils 35-25 Saturday.