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D1AA-Only Rankings For November

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D1AA-Only Rankings For November

Bowling Green vs Louisville. Alex Goff photo.

This is our second all-DIAA ranking of the fall, as we're doing this once a month.

The top 18 is easy to track because those teams are in our all-D1 fall ranking.

Although ... we did take out Belmont Abbey as they are now funneled into NCR's D1 playoff, so they are now no longer seen as a DIAA team. That's a gray area and on another week we might have kept them in this ranking. FYI Belmont Abbey would be ranked 17th if we included them, one place above Texas State.

Of course with this ranking being monthly we have some big shifts. Four teams come into the Top 30, Boston College moves up eight spots, Kansas moves up six.

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Rank Team Div/Conf Notes
1 1 Tennessee SCRC Top team in SCRC
2 3 Louisville MAC Top of MAC standings
3 7 Kentucky SCRC Good season in SCRC
4 2 Bowling Green MAC 2nd in MAC Standings
5 4 Western Michigan MAC Won all games in NCRC
6 10 Boise State NCRC Beat Western Washington (33)
7 6 South Carolina SCRC In SCRC final (because Kentucky is not NCR)
8 16 Boston College Liberty Finalist in Liberty
9 8 Clemson SCRC Solid 3-1 in SCRC
10 14 Western Washington NCRC 2nd in NCRC
11 5 Iowa State HOA HOA playoffs
12 18 Kansas HOA HOA playoffs
13 12 James Madison MARC Possibly top in MARC
14 17 Missouri HOA HOA playoffs
15 13 Minnesota HOA HOA playoffs
16 22 St. Joseph's MARC Possibly top in MARC
17 20 Texas State Lonestar Solid so far in Lonestar
18 11 Arkansas Heart of America Up and down in HOA-Could be ranked lower
19 Unr Oregon NCRC Close loss to Boise State
20 25 Binghamton Liberty Finalist in Liberty
21 24 Sam Houston State Lonestar Solid so far in Lonestar
22 27 West Chester MARC Possibly top in MARC
23 9 IUPUI Heart of America MAC playoffs
24 19 Alabama SCRC Up and down in SCRC
25 29 UMass Liberty Close behind BC and Binghamton
26 26 Virginia Tech Rugby East Winless in Rugby East but beat some D1AA oppo.
27 Unr Salisbury MARC Competitive in MARC
28 30 UNC Chapel Hill Southern Competitive in Southern
29 Unr Stony Brook Liberty Competitive in Liberty
30 Unr Columbia Liberty Competitive in Liberty