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D1AA-Only Rankings For December

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D1AA-Only Rankings For December

Virginia Tech made the big move. Will Fagan photo.

Because we have the NCR playoffs coming up and a couple of bowl games, our December DIAA-only rankings for the fall will happen twice.

We have the rankings on this, the first day of December, and we'll hit it all again after NCR's Weekend O' Champions in Houston. Also factored in would be Kentucky's bowl game vs Colorado State this coming weekend.

Obviously the biggest mover is Virginia Tech. We took a look at our comment on them from November and it said "Winless in Rugby East but beat some D1AA oppo." Yes, that seems fair, and then they played more D1AA oppo and won, over Tennessee.

Binghamton, Iowa State, and St. Joe's also get big boosts. 

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Rank Team Div/Conf Notes
1 2 Louisville MAC Won MAC, won NCR QF
2 4 Bowling Green MAC 2nd in MAC
3 26 Virginia Tech Rugby East Won NCR QF
4 1 Tennessee SCRC WOn SCRC, close loss to VT
5 3 Kentucky SCRC Good season in SCRC
6 16 St. Joseph's MARC Won MARC, Won NCR QF
7 8 Boston College Liberty Won Liberty
8 11 Iowa State HOA Won big in HOA semis
9 20 Binghamton Liberty 2nd in Liberty, won NCR QF
10 6 Boise State NCRC Top in Northwest
11 7 South Carolina SCRC Close loss to Tennessee
12 9 Clemson SCRC Solid in SCRC
13 5 Western Michigan MAC 3rd in MAC
14 10 Western Washington NCRC 2nd in NCRC
15 15 Minnesota HOA Won in HOA semis
16 17 Texas State Lonestar Best in Lonestar
17 13 James Madison MARC 2nd in MARC
18 19 Oregon NCRC Close to Boise State in NCRC
19 25 UMass Liberty Close loss in NCR QF to St. Joe's
20 22 West Chester MARC 3rd in MARC
21 21 Sam Houston State Lonestar Chasing Texas State
22 12 Kansas HOA Lost in HOA semis
23 18 Arkansas Heart of America Lost in HOA semis
24 24 Alabama SCRC 4th or 5th in SCRC
25 28 UNC Chapel Hill Southern Top DIAA team in Southern
26 23 IUPUI Heart of America 4th in MAC
27 14 Missouri HOA Behind top 4 in HOA
28 27 Salisbury MARC 4th in MARC
29 29 Stony Brook Liberty Lost in NCR Play-in
30 30 Columbia Liberty Competitive in Liberty