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D1 Men's College Rankings Week 4

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D1 Men's College Rankings Week 4

Photo @CoolRugbyPhotos.

A reminder that we are ranking only those D1A, NCR D1, and D1AA teams that are playing significant seasons in the fall.

Some of these teams will be ranked both in the fall and the spring, while others will only be ranked in the fall and then at our overall end-of-season ranking.

We are lumping all of the D1s together because there's so much mixing at the moment. Generally speaking it's highly unlikely for a D1AA-level team to be ranked higher than a strong D1A team, but there are cases of D1AA teams being ranked above D1A teams that aren't at the top of the list. (And remember that NCR's D1 is close to the D1A level, depending on who we're talking about.)

We have three graphic representations of how the divisions overlap. The first graphic is a radar chart showing the rankings distribution. The closer you are to the center, the higher ranking you are. Now, if you came with the premise that D1A is stronger than NCR D1 which is stronger than D1AA, then you'd have three of these nautilus shapes completely inside the other (with the better ranked divisions producing the smaller shapes). Like this :

But there is crossover and it's not easy. Not every D1A team is stronger than every NCR D1 team, and not every one of either of those is stronger than every D1AA team. In addition, we don't have an equal distribution of teams in each division. The whole point of NCR's D1 is that it's a fall-centric competition, so there are more NCR teams in play.

Anyway, here's how the radar chart actually turns out:

As you can see, the D1A shape is approximately smaller than the NCR shape, but not by a lot. Both D1A and NCR D1 are smaller than the D1AA, but there is crossover. Notice how the NCR shape is the closest to the actual supposed ideal shape in the 1st graphic.

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Now, down to the rankings.

We hit Mary Washington a bit hard for a simple COVID postponement and they won this week to they bump back up. Fairfield's defeat of Iona gives them a massive boost, and Marian gets a nudge too. Nazareth, thanks to a close loss to Dartmouth, and AIC, thanks to a defeat of Northeaster, both enter the Top 50. We drop out Illinois and Kansas. For Kansas this might be a temporary drop. They don't play conference play for a few weeks so their idleness will not help them as other teams are active. Illinois can easily bump back up. 

Colorado fans will probably throw their hands up since Colorado won and moved down. But this is a case of some other teams moving up past them with more games under their belt. For both Colorado and Colorado State, the end of September and the beginning of October, when they both face BYU, is the big test. If they can hang at all with the Cougars, they should move upward.

Rank Prev Team Div/Conf Notes
1 1 Army D1A Rugby East Beat Queens (7)
2 2 Lindenwood D1A Mid-South  
3 3 Life University D1A Mid-South  
4 4 BYU D1A Rocky Mt. Beat Air Force (31)
5 5 Navy D1A Rugby East Beat Mount St. Mary's (19)
6 6 Davenport D1A Mid-South Beat Indiana (13)
7 8 Kutztown NCR D1 Rugby East Beat Penn State (10)
8 7 Queens NCR D1 Rugby East Lost to Army (1)
9 9 St. Bonaventure NCR D1 Rugby East  
10 12 Ohio State D1A Big 10 Beat Illinois (40)
11 13 Indiana D1A Big 10 Lost to Davenport (6)
12 10 Penn State D1A Rugby East Lost to Kutztown (8)
13 14 Tennessee D1AA SCRC  
14 15 U. Notre Dame Big 10 NCR D1 Beat Michigan
15 24 Mary Washington NCR D1 Rugby East Beat Southern Virginia
16 16 Notre Dame College NCR D1 Rugby East  
17 17 Iowa Central CC NCR D1 Big Rivers  
18 48 Fairfield NCR D1 Liberty Beat Iona (11)
19 21 Bowling Green D1AA MAC Beat Dayton
20 22 Brown NCR D1 Liberty Beat Harvard
21 23 Western Michigan D1AA MAC Beat Pitt 
22 38 Marian NCR D1 Big Rivers Beat Purdue (37)
23 11 Iona NCR D1 Liberty Lost to Fairfield (48)
24 20 Western Washington D1AA NCRC  
25 19 Mt. St. Mary's NCR D1 Rugby East Lost to Navy (5)
26 27 Thomas More NCR D1 Big Rivers  
27 28 Clemson D1AA SCRC Beat LSU
28 30 Virginia Tech NCR D1 Rugby East Beat Lander
29 29 Adrian NCR D1 Big Rivers  
30 25 Colorado State D1A Rocky Mt.  
31 26 Colorado D1A Rocky Mt. Beat Utah State
32 33 Wheeling NCR D1 Big Rivers Beat Aquinas
33 32 Kentucky D1AA SCRC  
34 34 Michigan State D1A Big 10 Beat Wisconsin
35 35 Louisville D1AA MAC Beat Cincinnati
36 36 Dartmouth NCR D1 Liberty Beat Nazareth
37 Unr Nazareth NCR D1 Liberty Close loss to Dartmouth (36)
38 45 South Carolina D1AA SCRC Beat Georgia
39 Unr AIC NCR D1 Liberty Beat Northeastern (18)
40 37 Purdue D1A Big 10 Lost to Marian (38)
41 39 Iowa State D1AA HOA  
42 43 IUPUI D1AA HOA Beat Ohio
43 40 Illinois D1A Big 10 Lost to Ohio State (12)
44 18 Northeastern NCR D1 Liberty Lost to AIC
45 41 West Chester NCR D1AA MARC Tied St. Joseph's (49)
45 49 St. Joseph's NCR D1AA MARC Tied West Chester (41)
47 44 UMass NCR D1 Liberty Beat Yale
48 50 Texas State D1AA Lonestar Beat Rice
49 42 Minnesota D1AA HOA  
50 46 Boise State NCR D1AA NCRC