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D1 Men's College Rankings Week 3

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D1 Men's College Rankings Week 3

What to make of Ohio State vs Tennessee? Photo Will Fagan.

Well this is a strange all-D1 rankings week as they sort some things out.

We decided to bring together all of the D1A, NCR D1, D1AA, and NCR D1AA-Club teams into one ranking. The only limit is that we're ranking teams that are schedule to play a significant fall season (so one or two games don't really count). 

This week we see some teams play their first game, or at least their first game against a fellow D1 team. Hence the shifting. Queens bumps up (for now) significantly because they beat Penn State by 17. St. Bonaventure barely squeaked by Notre Dame College, but while that kind of result might have prompted us to move a team down. But Ohio State barely got by Tennessee, and we're prompted to move them down too. And because, until further notice, we have Indiana and Ohio State linked because of their fall 2021 results. OK, that's a long time ago, but we know neither team has undergone massive changes.

So ... well we think Ohio State has to move down a little further than St. Bonaventure, meanwhile we end up moving St. Bonaventure down two spots, only to have two teams above Bonnies move down further. So Bonnies slips just one spot thanks to a less-than-astounding win while Kutztown moves up thanks to a competitive loss against Army. Rankings can be like that.

Davenport beats Adrian, and that result was fine, but might have produced less of a bump up. However, Ohio State and Indiana drop down, offering an opportunity for Davenport this fall. By the way, Davenport hosts Indiana next week, which will help. Unless they tie. Notre Dame College, meanwhile, could easily have beaten St. Bonaventure, and deserve a bump up.

Thomas More with their win over Kentucky, and Michigan State with their win over Illinois, and Brown, with a convincing win over Syracuse, also move up.

Next week there are a lot of good rankings-relevant games.

Air Force is at BYU as the Rocky Mountain kicks off. Army hosts Queens and Kutztown is at Penn State. Indiana is at Davenport, as we noted, and LSU plays Clemson in a game that could be LSU's return to the rankings spotlight.

Rank Prev Team Div/Conf Notes
1 1 Army D1A Rugby East Beat Kutztown (11)
2 2 Lindenwood D1A Mid-South  
3 3 Life University D1A Mid-South  
4 4 BYU D1A Rocky Mt.  
5 5 Navy D1A Rugby East Beat SVU
6 9 Davenport D1A Mid-South Beat Adrian (30)
7 14 Queens NCR D1 Rugby East Beat Penn State (10)
8 11 Kutztown NCR D1 Rugby East Lost to Army (1)
9 8 St. Bonaventure NCR D1 Rugby East Beat Notre Dame College (25)
10 10 Penn State NCR D1 Rugby East Lost to Queens (14)
11 15 Iona NCR D1 Liberty Beat Fordham
12 6 Ohio State D1A Big 10 Beat Tennessee (17)
13 7 Indiana D1A Big 10  
14 17 Tennessee D1AA SCRC Close loss to Ohio State (6)
15 18 U. Notre Dame Big 10 NCR D1 Beat Purdue
16 25 Notre Dame College NCR D1 Rugby East Close loss to St. Bonaventure (8)
17 19 Iowa Central CC NCR D1 Big Rivers Beat Nebraska
18 16 Northeastern NCR D1 Liberty  
19 22 Mt. St. Mary's NCR D1 Rugby East Beat Virginia Tech (24)
20 20 Western Washington D1AA NCRC Scotland tour
21 21 Bowling Green D1AA MAC Beat Ohio
22 34 Brown NCR D1 Liberty Beat Syracuse
23 26 Western Michigan D1AA MAC Beat IUPUI (45)
26 23 Colorado D1A Rocky Mt.  
24 12 Mary Washington NCR D1 Rugby East  
25 13 Colorado State D1A Rocky Mt.  
27 35 Thomas More NCR D1 Big Rivers Beat Kentucky (29)
28 27 Clemson D1AA SCRC  
29 30 Adrian NCR D1 Big Rivers Lost to Davenport (9)
30 24 Virginia Tech NCR D1 Rugby East Lost to Mt. St. Mary's (22)
31 28 Air Force D1A Rocky Mt.  
32 29 Kentucky D1AA SCRC Lost to Thomas More (35)
33 31 Wheeling NCR D1 Big Rivers  
34 40 Michigan State D1A Big 10 Beat Illinois (36)
35 32 Louisville D1AA MAC Beat Dayton
36 33 Dartmouth NCR D1 Liberty  
37 37 Purdue D1A Big 10 Lost to Notre Dame (18)
38 38 Marian NCR D1 Big Rivers  
39 Unr Iowa State D1AA HOA Beat Iowa
40 36 Illinois D1A Big 10 Lost to Michigan State
41 41 West Chester NCR D1AA MARC  
42 42 Minnesota D1AA HOA Beat Wisconsin
43 45 IUPUI D1AA HOA Lost to Western Michigan (26)
44 46 UMass NCR D1 Liberty Beat UConn
45 43 South Carolina D1AA SCRC Beat Citadel
46 44 Boise State NCR D1AA NCRC  
47 47 Kansas D1AA HOA  
48 48 Fairfield NCR D1 Liberty  
49 49 St. Joseph's NCR D1AA MARC  
50 50 Texas State D1AA Lonestar Dust off the Rust Tournament