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Boys 2021 School HS Rankings Week 5

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Boys 2021 School HS Rankings Week 5

Strake Jesuit unseated Brother Martin. Photo Tari Tari.

Got to admint that we weren't all that surprised that our #1 fell last week.

It was a very tenuous #1, and it remains so, but for slightly different reasons. 

Strake Jesuit unseated Brother Martin on the field over the weekend and also in the rankings. We could have put St. Thomas Aquinas or Herriman in at #1. And while we're pretty sure their coaches are quietly saying "please don't tank us #1" we're also just a little wary because of the number of games. Neither has played a ton, yet, and Strake has probably played more. In addition, Herriman had an iffy outing the week before and we're waiting on their consistency.

And then there's the issue that some other teams are going to enter the fray soon, and so any team that is #1 will have a lot of history to battle against when Xavier, Jesuit Sacramento, Greenwich, and, eventually, Gonzaga take the field.

Kingfishers, Aquinas Strong In Kansas

Dwenger Win Sends Tremor Through Indiana

Gibbons Win Harbingers Wild Florida Playoffs

Gregory the Great Rides Team Effort to Preseason Win

Rugby Returns To DC Area as Georgetown Prep Faces Salesianum

Thanks to the games we refer to above, the rankings got a big shakeup. Kingfishers has talent and showed well in their opening games, and move up into the top 15. We caution pushing the turbo button on this bandwagon, however. Gibbons gets a win, and a big one, but the team they beat, Jacksonville, was not itself so while Gibbons gets bumped up four, we're still wary.

Georgetown enters the charts at #19 thanks to a win against a good team. San Clemente enters at #20 thanks to a win over a ranked team, albeit one that has lost some players to the SoCal football season.  And Gregory the Great also enters thanks to a win over a ranked team. These are all fair moves, but, again, they are only one game. Things can change quickly.

And it's time to drop Penn a decent amount and time to reward Bishop Dwenger for their win over said Penn team. However, we're keeping an eye on all of these when, on Wednesday March 31, #7 St. Ignatius plays #9 St. Edward. If one team wins big, then that will have ripples throughout the rankings.

Notice also we've expanded to 35. As states and leagues open up we will get to our normal 50.

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Goff Rugby Report Boys Single-School Rankings Week 5 2021
Rank Prev Team Notes
1 5 Strake Jesuit (TX) Beat Brother Martin (1)
2 2 Herriman (UT) Beat Mountain Ridge
3 3 St. Thomas Aquinas (KS) Beat Liberty North
4 4 Dallas Jesuit (TX) Beat Allen (C22)
5 8 Bixby (OK) Beat Jenks
6 6 Jesuit New Orleans (LA)  
7 7 St. Ignatius (OH) Beat Moeller (15)
8 1 Brother Martin (LA) Lost to Strake Jesuit (5)
9 9 St. Edward (OH) Beat Brunswick
10 Unr Bishop Dwenger (IN) Beat Penn (10)
11 11 East HS (UT) Beat Kearns
12 Unr Gregory the Great (PA) Beat St. Joe's (16)
13 17 Cardinal Gibbons (FL) Beat Jacksonville (12)
14 28 Kingfishers (KS) Beat KC Jr. Blues
15 12 Rocky Mountain (ID)  
16 10 Penn (IN) Lost to Bishop Dwenger
17 13 Olympus (UT)  
18 15 St. Xavier Cincinnati (OH) Beat Dayton Northern Force
19 Unr Georgetown Prep (DC) Beat Salesianum
20 Unr San Clemente (CA) Beat La Jolla (19)
21 15 Moeller (OH) Lost to St. Ignatius (7)
22 16 St. Joe's Prep (PA) Lost to Gregory the Great
23 14 Capital HS (ID)  
24 16 Mountain View (ID)  
25 26 St. Charles (OH) Beat Dublin
26 23 Lake Travis (TX) Lost 12-8 to Rock Rugby
27 18 Sacramento Jesuit (CA)  
28 20 St. Paul's (LA)  
29 22 St. Augustine (CA)  
30 19 La Jolla (CA) Lost to San Clemente
31 21 St. Pius X (TX) Lost to West Houston
32 25 East HS (CO)  
33 24 Regis Jesuit (CO)  
34 27 Notre Dame de la Salette (IL)  
35 29 St. Louis U High (MO)  

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