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Boys 2021 School HS Rankings Week 17

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Boys 2021 School HS Rankings Week 17

Herriman did the job. Tonia McPeak photo.

This is NOT the final School-team ranking of the year, but it's close. 

We have some games still to come, mainly the MIAA playoffs in Massachusetts, but this is generally how we will finish up. As always, games in the HS National Championships carry extra weight, and it's possible a result in there can memory-hole an earlier result.

There are some obvious moves, such as #2 Herriman beating #1 St. Ignatius in a close one, and thus moving to #1. We have observed several of the teams ranked here in big games, and we have a pretty good handle on how we thing some of these teams would do against each other. Greenwich, with their tenacious defense, poised kicking, and overall attitude surprised us a little and move up significantly. Staples also showed very well, with perhaps their close loss to Gonzaga being the clincher.

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Staples beat Greenwich twice during the regular season, so Staples stays ahead of Greenwich, but both move up. St. Thomas Aquinas, which, we remind you, were ranked highly in part because they started early, drop down to #10, Part of that is because Staples and Greenwich move up. We also bring Georgetown up after their close results (a tie and an 18-13 loss) to Gonzaga get backed up by Gonzaga's showing at Nationals.

Rocky Mountain drops down because they didn't play outside their state. Dwenger drops down because Royal Irish struggled a little at Nationals, and Dwenger's high ranking was based on a) a close loss to Moeller in March b) wins over Penn, and c) a close loss to Royal Irish. Well, Penn has had better years, the Moeller result was a long time ago, and Royal Irish struggled at Nationals. All of that nudges Dwenger down a bit. 

We drop Bixby down because Bixby's ranking was based on a bit of a house of cards. They won some games against teams that didn't quite follow up with season as strong as expected. And ... Bixby's loss to Aquinas, in the context of Aquinas not being a #4 but being a #10, drops them. 

Rank Prev Team Notes
1 2 Herriman (UT) Beat Xavier (27), Staples (15), St. Ignatius (1)
2 1 St. Ignatius (OH) Beat Greenwich (17), Gonzaga (3), lost to Herriman (2)
3 3 Gonzaga (DC) Beat SLUH (18), Staples (15), lost to St. Ignatius (1)
4 5 De La Salle (CA)  
5 8 Regis Jesuit (CO)  
6 15 Staples (CT) Beat STA (4), lost to Herriman (2), Gonzaga (3)
7 9 Moeller (OH)  
8 17 Greenwich (CT) Lost to St. Ignatius (1), beat SLUH (18), STA (4)
9 19 Georgetown Prep (MD)  
10 4 St. Thomas Aquinas (KS) Beat Xavier (27), lost to Staples (15), Greenwich (17)
11 13 Cathedral Catholic (CA)  
12 7 Rocky Mountain (ID)  
13 11 Dallas Jesuit (TX)  
15 10 Bishop Dwenger (IN)  
14 12 Brother Martin (LA)  
16 14 Gregory the Great (PA)  
17 16 St. Joe's Prep (PA)  
18 18 St. Louis U High (MO) Lost to Gonzaga (3), Greenwich (17), beat Xavier (27)
19 28 Olympus (UT)  
20 20 Sacramento Jesuit (CA)  
21 21 Strake Jesuit (TX)  
22 6 Bixby (OK)  
23 22 Capital HS (ID)  
24 23 St. Edward (OH)  
25 24 St. Xavier Cincinnati (OH)  
26 25 Cardinal Gibbons (FL)  
27 26 St. Augustine (CA)  
28 27 Xavier (NY) Lost to Herriman (2), STA (4), SLUH (18)
29 29 Warrior (OH)  
30 30 East HS (UT)  
31 31 Eagle (ID)  
32 32 LaSalle (PA)  
33 33 Cumberland Valley (PA)  
34 34 Kingfishers (KS)  
35 35 Palmer (CO)  
36 36 Westlake (TX)  
37 37 Delbarton (NJ)  
38 38 St. Augustine (NJ)  
39 40 Pelham (NY)  
40 Unr Milton (MA) Semis coming up
41 39 Belmont High (MA) Semis coming up
42 41 BC High (MA) Semis coming up
43 42 Woodward HS (Toledo) (OH)  
44 43 Medina (OH)  
45 44 Brother Rice (IL)  
46 45 Penn (IN)  
47 46 Salesianum (DE)  
48 48 Loyola Blakefield (MD)  
49 49 Calvert Hall (MD)  
50 50 Jesuit New Orleans (LA) --