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Boys 2021 HS Club Rankings Week 12

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Boys 2021 HS Club Rankings Week 12

SFGG makes a move.

Every now and then we take a closer look at a team's record.

We ask the question, why do we have this team ranked here? What was the initial premise that put this team at, say, #15, or #32? We had a look at Germantown this way and see that the main reason we had Germantown at #22 was because of a close loss to Bixby, a highly-ranked school team. That's a reasonable reason, but in the end it's not enough given the other results. As more and more teams play and win, it becomes harder for a team to hold onto a ranking based on a loss.

This is the same reason we drop Allen down despite the fact that Allen had no result. Allen's rankings are based on competitive losses to good teams in the Dallas area. It's not enough as we see Granite Bay, SFGG, Pendleton, KC, Fairfield, Liberty, and Eagan all play and win, and, for the most part, beat ranked teams.

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Woodlands moves up a bit and it's a harsh situation for Royal Irish as it's not their fault their opponents are canceling games. It's frustrating for Royal Irish, but Woodlands also won their state final 57-0. Among the Southern California teams, we had to made a big change. SOC Raptors had beaten San Diego but lost to Thunder. This week's win over Thunder kind of flips the standings among them. As it is, every result between these three teams has been very close, so really it's anyone's guess who would win on the day. But that's why San Diego drops even though they won—we basically had to re-admit the Raptors' win over the Mustangs after those same Raptors beat Thunder as well.

The other moves are all results driven. Yes we bump up the likes of Fairfield, Maryland, Vienna, and Avon based on losses, albeit close losses, but a loss is till data; it's just that if those teams don't back that up with victories elsewhere then they can slip down.


Rank Prev Team Notes
1 1 Charlotte Tigers (NC)  
2 2 Genesis (UT)  
3 5 Woodlands (TX) Beat West Houston (18)
4 3 Royal Irish (IN)  
5 4 West Valley Warriors (UT)  
6 7 Aspetuck (CT) Beat Morris (42)
7 9 Fort Hunt (VA) Beat Vienna
8 11 SOC Raptors (CA) Beat Thunder (6)
9 10 Tempe (AZ) Beat Red Mountain (12)
10 6 Thunder Rugby (CA) Lost to SOC Raptors (11)
11 8 San Diego Mustangs (CA) Beat Back Bay
12 13 SLV Rhinos (UT)  
13 14 Danville (CA) Lost to De La Salle (S23)
14 19 SFGG (CA) Beat Lamorinda
15 12 Red Mountain (AZ) Lost to Tempe (10)
16 15 Raleigh Redhawks (NC)  
17 16 Harlequin (TN)  
18 17 Naples (FL)  
19 44 Granite Bay (CA) Beat Jesuit (S12)
20 24 Fairfield (CT) Lost 19-17 to Staples (S20)
21 25 United (UT)  
22 31 Doylestown (PA) Beat West Allegheny (36), Lost to GGA (S21)
23 26 Belmont Shore (CA)  
24 21 Berks (PA)  
25 23 West Shore Utd (PA) Beat Maryland Exiles 
26 30 Pendleton (IN) Beat Avon (41)
27 39 Kansas City Jr. Blues (MO) Beat Independence, Penn (S33)
28 33 Liberty (WA) Beat Budd Bay
29 35 Eagan (MN) Beat Edina
30 27 Boca Raton (FL)  
31 28 Jacksonville (FL)  
32 29 Downingtown (PA)  
33 22 Germantown (TN)  
34 18 West Houston (TX) Lost to Woodlands (5)
35 41 Avon (IN) Lost to Pendleton (30) 17-15
36 Unr Maryland Exiles (MD) Lost 21-19 to West Shore Utd (23)
37 45 Colorado Springs Falcons (CO) Beat Titans
38 20 Allen (TX)  
39 32 Phoenix Alpharetta (GA)  
40 34 Eastside (WA)  
41 37 Okapi (FL)  
42 38 Snow Canyon (UT)  
43 40 Menlo-Atherton (CA)  
44 36 West Allegheny (PA)  Lost to Doylestown (31)
45 42 Morris (NJ)  Lost to Aspetuck (7)
46 Unr Vienna (VA) Close loss to Fort Hunt (9)
47 46 Brighton (UT)  
48 48 Raptors (TN)  
49 47 S. Greenville (SC)  
50 50 Charlotte Squadron (NC)