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Big DIA Weekend

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Big DIA Weekend

Preseason warmups are just about done and DIA teams are deep into conference play, for the most part.

Kutztown, having defeated Army, goes against the US Naval Academy this time, albeit in a non-conference game.

Minnesota, having logged a key win over Purdue now looks to Michigan.

The Liberty is still a dogfight.

In the Rocky Mountain, Utah State's massive win over Wyoming now needs to be backed up.

Here are the games with the official D1A rankings in parentheses ... Our GRR rankings might be a little different. GRR ranks to #40 while D1A ranks to #25, so if someone is ranked by GRR and not D1A, we'll list our ranking.


9/21/19 Notre Dame College (14) at St. Bonaventure (13) Rugby East
  Navy (5) at Kutztown (7) Non-Conf.
  Army (9) at Iona (18) Non-Conf.
  Mary Washington (26GRR) at Penn State (8) Rugby East
  Illinois (33GRR) at Indiana (23) Big 10
  Michigan at  Minnesota (34GRR) Big 10
  Michigan St (28) at Wisconsin (46GRR) Big 10
  Ohio State (19) at Purdue Big 10
  Air Force (31GRR) at Utah Valley (24) Rocky Mountain
  Colorado (38GRR) at  New Mexico Rocky Mountain
  Rhode Island at Boston College Liberty
  UMASS at Fairfield Liberty
  Albany at Oswego Liberty
  Buffalo at Binghamton Liberty
  Brockport at Colgate Liberty
  Cortland at Syracuse Liberty
  Tufts at UCONN Liberty
  Utah State (32GRR) at Utah (37GRR) Rocky Mountain
9/22/19 AIC (36GRR) at Rutgers Liberty