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Atlantis Ready for NAI 7s

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Atlantis Ready for NAI 7s

David Barpal photo.

The Atlantis Boys age-grade 7s program is sending two teams to the North American Invitational 7s this weekend in Salt Lake City.

The games kick off on Friday at the Salt Lake Regional Athletic Complex in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Atlantis I team will face off against the Canadian-based Celtic Barbarians and the Rocky Mountain Rebels out of Colorado in Pool A.

Atlantis II, the U17s, will take on ATAVUS Selects, Herriman, and Play Rugby USA.

The younger Atlantis team looks fairly formidable, and despite being in a tough pool, could well emerge winners.


Atlantis I U18s

Brandon Boon
tommy Capriotti
Jayden Demmy
Fox Harper
James Jaques
Peter Jean
Royaal Jones
Kade Lamarre
James Lyons
Mike Salloum
Alex Schlager



Atlantis II U17s

Daniel Bark
Dan Brown
John Dormann Jr.
Robert Jones
Samuel Louman
Luke Persanis
Chase schor
Owen Sheehy
Brian Stella
Michael Weir
Cole Zeno