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1st D1 Elite Rankings of Spring 2021

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1st D1 Elite Rankings of Spring 2021

Ary Shoppe photo.

With games on the schedule for this coming weekend, we thought we'd do something quite rash, such as ranking the women's D1 Elite teams.

Now, BYU will play a quasi-D1-Elite schedule but will be part of the D1 Elite postseason, so we include the Cougars in this group. We've seen Grand Canyon fixtures be characterized as D1 Elite-ish so we might bring them in, especially if this weekend's Central Washinigton at GCU game comes off and GCU gives a good accounting of themselves. 

So we have five teams to rank right now. Maybe we'll have six.


Goff Rugby Report Women D1 Elite College Rankings Spring 2021
  Rank Team Notes
  1 Lindenwood Beat Life
  2 Central Washington Beat BYU
  3 Life Lost to Lindenwood
  4 BYU Lost to Central Washington
  5 Penn State Haven't played yet