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Men DI College Rankings #Week 3

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Men DI College Rankings #Week 3

We;re sorry to be so late with these updated rankings. Sometimes life intervenes. 

Without too much comment, here they are. This is actually the toughest time of year to rank, because it's still early days in the fall, and some spring-centric teams haven't played at all. So a team loses a game, and they get dropped (Iona, Central Florida) because so many other teams are winning. It will work its way through. 

Obivously Army moves up again after beating Penn State, and Davenport moves up after beating Bowling Green, and Wheeling Jesuit moves up after beating Iona.

Central Florida lost for the first time since May 2012 as they were dropped 20-12 by Florida International in the Florida Cup. That could be very meaningful, or maybe not. We drop UCF down but wait to see how they and FIU respond in the coming weeks.

Goff Rugby Report 2014-15 Men DI College Rankings Wk 3
22St. Mary'sIdle
55Arkansas StateBt Florida State
88Cal PolyIdle
1111Central WashingtonIdle
1220ArmyDefeated Penn State (12)
1312Penn StateLost 19-15 to Army (20)
1515DartmouthDefeated Cornell
1623DavenportDefeated Bowling Green (19)
1716IndianaGame cancelled
1918Arizona StateIdle
2021ClemsonDefeated Wake Forest
2119Bowling GreenLost to Davenport (23)
2222San DiegoIdle
2324MichiganDefeated Illinois
2427MarylandDefeated NC State
25NRWheeling JesuitDefeated Iona (34)
2828Santa ClaraIdle
2929South CarolinaDefeated Georgia
3032LSUDefeated Mississippi State
3131AICDefeated Albany
32NRNotre DameDefeated Ohio State
3330Washington StateIdle
3433Texas A&MIdle
35NRAir ForceDefeated New Mexico
36NRMiami (Ohio)Defeated Ball State
37NRTennesseeDefeated Florida
38NRColorado State57-0 over Colorado
39NRBoston CollegeDefeated UConn
40NRWVUDefeated West Chester