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Elite 7s

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11.27.2023 - Alex Goff

Tsunami Canadian Misfits won the HS Boys Premier division with a 19-12 win over Upright Rugby Rogues.

11.24.2023 - Alex Goff

Over 130 teams converse on Randall's Island this Saturday for the Annual NY 7s.

This is a massive tournament that covers elite teams down to "super social."

In the U18 brackets, there are 16 teams in the Premier levels for girls and for boys. There is also a HS Club bracket which was 16 boys and 15 girls teams in action.

Among those competing are:

11.21.2023 - Alex Goff

The 2023 season was a very important one for the Premier Rugby Sevens.

In its third year of competition, PR7s had proved a stand-alone professional league could compete at multiple locations. Premier Rugby Sevens CEO Owen Scannell was seeing more fan excitement; the quality of competition was continuing to increase. So 2023 was time to make another move. 

11.13.2023 - Press Release

PITTSBURGH, Pa.—Pittsburgh Steeltoes, one of eight professional franchises in Premier Rugby Sevens (PR7s), announced they will host “Talent ID Trials” in Pittsburgh for men and women athletes on Saturday, Dec. 9.

10.27.2023 - Press Release

(USA Rugby Release)—USA Rugby is sending a boys U18 team to the World School 7s in New Zealand in December.

This team is going to be selected out of the players invited to a camp at the Elite Athlete Training Center in Chula Vista, Calif.