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09.05.2014 - GRR Staff

BOULDER, Colo. – USA Rugby confirmed Thursday a Men's DII college championships system to finish in the fall, and a fall playoff system for Men's DI college teams playing in the fall, as well as Women's DI and DII college teams playing in the fall.

09.05.2014 - Alex Goff

The Mid-American Conference may be in a flux as to whether they are part of ACRC or not, but they will most definitely grab at a chance for the newly-unveiled USA Rugby fall playoff structure.

09.04.2014 - GRR Staff

Arkansas State University's men's team has finalized its 2014-2015 schedule, which includes a tour to California, where they will meet defending DIA champions St. Mary's, and a clash with DIA runners up Life University.

09.04.2014 - Alex Goff
With USA Rugby’s announcement that they are marrying fall rugby and spring rugby playoffs, you might be forgiven if you aren’t quite sure how your team might get to a national championship. What this move by USA Rugby does is at least attempt to take out the confusion that reigned last year.
09.04.2014 - GRR Staff

Full schedule of the Mid-American college conference.

The conference has been split up into two divisions: