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GRR: Women DII College

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11.04.2014 - Jackie Finlan

Conference titles are being decided and byes into the USA Rugby Women's DII College Fall Championship, hosted by ACRA, are being awarded, so it's time for an update to the Top 20 rankings.

11.03.2014 - Jackie Finlan

The brackets for the USA Rugby Women's DI & DII College Fall Championships, hosted by ACRA, have been released.

11.03.2014 - Alex Goff

UW-Stevens Point won the Great Waters Conference in women's DII college rugby this past weekend, beatin UW-Whitewater 92-5 in the championship game.

10.31.2014 - Jackie Finlan

The Mid-Atlantic conference will decide its women's DII college finalists this weekend, and the match-ups went undecided until the final week of league play.

10.29.2014 - Jackie Finlan

We do not have all of the information for the new USAR Fall 15s Championships sponsored by ACRA, but considering teams have qualified for playoffs that will occur in two weekends' time, we're publishing all of the information we do have.