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04.06.2016 - Amber DeFabio

While Central Florida, University of Virginia, UC San Diego, UC Davis, and Washington State hold the top seeds of their conferences, they are very aware that this weekend's DI Collegiate Women's Round of 8 will consist of the most challenging competition yet.

01.24.2016 - Amber DeFabio

In a meeting of two undefeated teams, Florida International University went down to a 24-14 loss to the University of Central Florida in the first game of the New Year in Florida Women's DI college play.

FIU’s forwards were no match for UCF’s dominating aggression in set pieces, and the UCF Knights ultimately quieted the FIU Panthers.

03.30.2015 - Jackie Finlan

Life and Central Florida were expected to compete for the South Independent DI title yesterday, and while the pair did make it to the title match, the weekend was anything but predictable.

03.01.2015 - Alex Goff

The way seems pretty clear for Middle Tennessee State and Central Florida to win their respective divisions in the South Independent Rugby Conference after both teams won big this weekend.