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Top Seeds Face off in Round of 8

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Top Seeds Face off in Round of 8

Photo courtesy of USA Rugby

While Central Florida, University of Virginia, UC San Diego, UC Davis, and Washington State hold the top seeds of their conferences, they are very aware that this weekend's DI Collegiate Women's Round of 8 will consist of the most challenging competition yet.

Washington State battled UCLA last weekend for the Pacific Mountain Rugby Conference North #1 seed in the Round of 8 with a 55-5 win, but is now slated against the PMRC West #1, UC Davis. UC Davis has had a phenomenal season thus far with blow out wins like 96-10 and 45-7, and Washington State is well aware of that. This will be the only match on Saturday where two #1 seeds will face each other. CFU (Florida #1) will play UNC (Mason Dixon #2), UVa (Mason Dixon #1) will see JMU (Mason Dixon #3), and UCSD (PMRC South #1) will compete against Chico State (PMRC West #2).

While UCLA flew into Boise and then drove six hours to face Washington last weekend, UC Davis will have a home turf advantage this weekend.

"A lot of the scores [last weekend] were lucky breaks that UCLA wasn't combating," Washington State president Josie Markoff said. "I think they were just tired from their travels."

However, UC Davis is already posting about how excited they are to host the DI Round of 8 and DII Round of 16. Exhaustion will not be on Washington State's side, and even though Washington State will be bringing all of their starters, injury and retention rates has limited the numbers on their team.

"It will definitely be a challenging game," Markoff said. "We played UC Davis last year and lost to them. That loss was hard."

Washington State is remembering that loss as they enter into the Round of 8.

The East side of the bracket will kick off at 9 a.m. EST while the West side of the bracket will kick of at 1 p. m. PDT. Winners of the initial Saturday matches will continue to Sunday to compete in the semi-finals. The two victors of the games are then slated to play in the championship game on May 7 at Saint Mary's College.