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11.05.2021 - Alex Goff

What's on the line this week in Men's DI college rugby? Plenty.

Check back for score.

11.04.2021 - Alex Goff

We fill out almost the rest of the NCR D2 playoff bracket this week.

10.30.2021 - Alex Goff

Some big games highlight this weekend in Men's DI college rugby.

Check back for scores.

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10.30.2021 - Alex Goff

There's been a Northern Lights sighting; the conference in Minnesota has been very quiet, but Minnesota-Duluth plays MSU Mankato on Saturday for the conference title.

10.22.2021 - Alex Goff

Playoffs and rankings and some conference titles are on the line this weekend in Men's DI (all-encompassing) college rugby, so here's a look at what's on the slate.

Check back for scores.


Georgia, Tennessee, and Clemson all expect to win the SCRC, so that's not an issue. This is all about who can position themselves for the conference playoffs.