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GRR: Salty Thompson

irish rugby tours

12.31.2016 - Alex Goff

Players at the High School All American camp have been hard at work trying to impress coaches.

12.30.2016 - Alex Goff

The Boys HS All American winter camp is well underway in Casa Grande, Ariz.

With nice, mild weather and a large team of coaches working under Salty Thompson, the players were all getting a rundown of the team system and a chance to show why they deserve a look for the HSAA assemblies in 2017, including two expected tours to Canada and the LVI.

12.23.2016 - Alex Goff

This year’s HS All American camp is an interesting one in that some slots have opened up.

HSAA Campers Named

With a large chunk of the HSAA returners tagged for the U19 team to play Canada’s U19s at the end of the month. 

12.21.2016 - Alex Goff

Boys HS All Americans Head Coach Salty Thompson has named the players who are set to attend the Winter Camp in Case Grande, Ariz.

The camp will start on December 27 and end December 31. The players were chosen through scouting at the Regional Cup Tournaments over the summer, and through other scouting avenues.

10.14.2016 - Alex Goff

The Eagle Impact Rugby Academy program has confirmed a series of competitive assemblies for 2017.

While EIRA exists as academies around the country helping committed players elevate their skills, more and more we are seeing EIRA teams compete in 7s tournaments and on 15s tours. This coming year, we'll see that happen again.