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HSAA Camp Latest - Lots to Work On

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HSAA Camp Latest - Lots to Work On

Players at the High School All American camp have been hard at work trying to impress coaches.

The players have been split off into age groups at times and a series of specialized sessions covering attack, defense, scrums, midfield attack and defense, back row defense and contact, deep three attack. Some specialist coaches are there, including Paul Keeler, Sean O'Leary, Chris Oosthuizen, and Darrell Knowlton, among others. 

Among the coaches there:


Salty Thompson, Head Coach and Attack Coach

Scott Bracken, Scrums and Restarts

Brendan Keane, Defense

Ethan McVeigh, Attack Assistant

Jason Divine, Defense Assistant



John Banarhall, Head Coach and Defense

Tim Kluempers, Tight Five

Sean Duffy, Midfield Attack

Cameron Frater, Back Row Attack and Defense

Jone Naqica, Deep Three Attack



Jeff Bonnett, Attack

Brent Bueno, Scrum

Dave Katz, Defense

Andrew Vanos, Attack

Jim Brennan, Defense


For the players, the biggest adjustment for the players has been learning the patterns in short order, and then executing them at pace. The speed, skill, and physicality of all the players can be a shock to new athletes, and these players have gone from being the star on their team to one of many good players.. Some - possibly many - have had to switch positions, and that's been an adjustment, also.

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