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GRR: Rugby PA

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08.06.2020 - GRR Contributor

(This is an Op-Ed by Linda Smith)—Youth and high school rugby teams and organizations are trying to figure out a way to support the sport of rugby and keep their players safe and well in the midst of COVID.

08.04.2020 - Alex Goff

Rugby Pennsylvania has sent a letter to the Berks County HS club telling club president Greg Stelluti not to run a 7s tournament this weekend in Reading, Pa.

08.04.2020 - Alex Goff

The Berks County HS rugby program will be hosting a 7s tournament this weekend in Reading, Pa., following on the heels of various other sports returning to action in the state.

However, there appears to be some pushback from Rugby PA on this plan.

03.19.2020 - Alex Goff

Moving up the ranks in Rugby Pennsylvania has been Berks County Rugby Club, which is only four years old, but has also found success by taking the long view.

11.28.2019 - Alex Goff

Setting forth a game plan is a good idea when you're getting ready for a rugby game, but it can be useful in other ways, too—just ask Charlie Rosemeyer.

The high school sophomore grew up with rugby, and his love of the game led him to push for his current high school to sanction a team in the Rugby Pennsylvania league. But he knew it was going to take more than just asking nicely.