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GRR: Pacific West Conference

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02.10.2017 - Alex Goff

Here are the weekend's DI men's college rugby games, with several top-ranked teams in action.

02.10.2017 - Alex Goff

It's pretty clear that there are two leaders in the Pac West Conference, and those two will be meeting up soon.

01.27.2017 - Alex Goff

Here are the Men's DI college games for this weekend.

01.27.2017 - Alex Goff

The Pacific Western Conference kicks off this weekend with four games on the docket.

01.20.2017 - Alex Goff

The PAC Rugby Conference gets going this weekend, and we've got some other intriguing games.

Arizona plays two games on the weekend, at Stanford in a non-conference game, and then a PAC Conference clash with Cal. The Bears also host UC Santa Cruz.