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07.22.2016 - Alex Goff

Some changes and one major realignment mark the 2016-17 season for DIAA Men's College rugby - here's a look at the conferences and what changes we're expecting.

05.10.2016 - Alex Goff

There was something about the UC Davis men's team that seemed unstoppable.

The Aggies' second straight national DII championship wasn't inevitable, by any stretch, but their journey to it had some inexorable rhythm to it. There were no major hiccups, no really close games, no times when you wondered if they were losing it.

05.06.2016 - Alex Goff

Saturday's DIAA Final is a clash of teams that are used to being underestimated.

04.24.2016 - Alex Goff

UC Davis is back in the national DIAA final after beating Arkansas 32-15 Sunday in the national semifinal.

This was a hugely intense game with both sides hitting hard and fighting tooth and nail.

“Last year we were too beat up by the time the playoffs came,” said Arkansas Coach Warren Fyfe. “But this year, they knew they were in a game, for sure.”

04.23.2016 - Alex Goff

Arkansas and UC Davis are through to the DIAA semifinals after both won their quarterfinals Saturday at the UC Davis campus.

Davis defeated Sacramento State for third time this season, taking the Hornets down 38-5.