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Men's, Women's College 7s Qualifiers Set For Stanford

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Men's, Women's College 7s Qualifiers Set For Stanford

David Barpal photo.

The Men's Pacific Western Conference and the Women's Pacific Mountain West Conference will hold their 7s championships November 2 at Stanford University.

The tournament will be shown live on Facebook (link coming).

This will be a national qualifier for both divisions. The Women's tournament features five teams—Sanford, Cal, Chico State, San Francisco, and Fresno State. They will hold a round-robin, with the top two teams from the round-robin playing off for the championships.

The Men's tournament will feature eight teams in two pools: Stanford, San ose State, Monterey State, and Nevada in one pool, and Chico State, Fresno State, San Francisco State, and Sacramento State in the other.


Pacific Western Conference (Men) / Pacific Mountain West (Women) 7s Championships
    Field 1       Field 2
Match # Time Home Team Visiting Team   Match # Time Home Team Visiting Team
1 10:00 AM STANFORD (w) CAL (w)   2 10:00 AM USF (w) CHICO STATE (w)
3 10:20 AM STANFORD (m) SJSU (m)   4 10:20 AM SFSU(m) SAC STATE (m)
5 10:40 AM MONTEREY STATE (m) UNR (m)   6 10:40 AM CHICO STATE (m) FRESNO STATE (m)
7 11:00 AM FRESNO STATE (w) CHICO STATE (w)     11:00 AM BREAK
8 11:20 AM USF (w) CAL (w)   9 11:20 AM SJSU (m) MONTEREY STATE (m)
10 11:40 AM SAC STATE (m) CHICO STATE (m)   11 11:40 AM STANFORD (m) UNR (m)
12 12:00 PM FRESNO STATE (m) SFSU (m)   13 12:00 PM FRESNO STATE (w) USF (w)
14 12:20 PM CHICO STATE (w) STANFORD (w)     12:20 PM BREAK
15 12:40 PM STANFORD (m) MONTEREY STATE (m)   16 12:40 PM SFSU (m) CHICO STATE (m)
17 1:00 PM UNR (m) SJSU (m)   18 1:00 PM FRESNO STATE (m) SAC STATE (m)
19 1:20 PM STANFORD (w) FRESNO STATE (w)   20 1:20 PM CAL (w) CHICO STATE (w)
  1:40 PM BREAK     1:40 PM BREAK
21 2:00 PM A4M B4M     2:00 PM BREAK
22 2:20 PM STANFORD (w) USF (w)   23 2:20 PM FRESNO STATE (w) CAL (w)
24 3:00 PM BOWL MEN (A3M VS B3M)          
25 3:20 PM PLATE MEN (A2M VS B2M)          
26 4:00 PM CUP FINAL WOMEN (W1 VS W2)