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09.28.2016 - Alex Goff

Regulation 9 in World Rugby says that clubs must release players who have been called up to international duty, but that rule only applies to specific times of the year.

09.28.2016 - Alex Goff

Dublin University's rugby team, Trinity, continues to be a useful proving ground for USA rugby players, and will be again this season.

09.21.2016 - Alex Goff

Amateurism is under intense scrutiny this college rugby season for a number of reasons.

05.09.2016 - Alex Goff

It’s been a while since we looked at USA players playing overseas, and where they are with their clubs. Here’s a rundown:

04.04.2016 - Alex Goff

With the recent release of the new Elite Training Squad for the USA Men's 15s program, it's time to have a look at who is in-form in competitions we don't see very often, namely, the overseas leagues.